Broken link + Introduction - Dave from Australia

David, Welcome to the community forum and many years of having fun playing your guitar. I agree with your plan above. I have a Korg metronome in my guitar case but I usually use Justin’s metronome app for most of my practice sessions that use a metronome.

While you are waiting for a guitar you can actually get some useful practice by playing the metronome app at 60 bpm, tapping your foot and pretend strumming with a pick in your hand or an imaginary pick. Working on rhythm is never wasted practice and it gives you something to do while you are waiting.

@SteveL_G99 What a good suggestion, I’ll give that a go!
At the moment everything is imaginary :slight_smile: but at least I know the gear is on a truck heading to a post office near me.

I think I see the truck coming!

No, sadly that was just my imagination…
Side note, they must have replaced the sign as the bullet holes have vanished!


David, it will get to you eventually. If you get tired of the air guitar strumming you can make it more realistic by holding up your fretting hand like it is on the neck of the guitar and touch your thumb to a different finger on every 4th strum. It will train your right and left hand coordination. Have fun.

Hi and welcome!

Sounds liek you could use a decent humidifier but I have little experience with these, living in wet and rainy Belgium :confused:

I will look for that broken link and try to fix it.
I wasn’t able to emulate the link appearing when making a new message though

Hi @LievenDV apparently that message only pops up for new users (of which I am one :slight_smile: ) and even then only for the first few messages… so I guess to recreate it you’d need a new account for it to show. The broken link to ‘community guidelines’ is in that message.

Another place you can see the same broken link is on the Badges Page under the “Read the Guidelines” badge.

Thanks for responding btw. Looking forward to finally getting that badge :smiley:

Kind regards,

Hi David, welcome. As you are being patient for your guitar to arrive it works being patient with the learning process as noticing improvement can take a while (not that isn’t happening from day one [the same than guitar is somewhere on the road]). Follow the lessons, do you practice and mastership will start arriving.