Brrrr It’s Cold Out!

Just headed out to go work on my diy guitar at a friend’s - gotta warm up the car first!!

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I don’t know how you do it, Mari. At least you wouldn’t have a ceiling fan contaminating a quick phone recording as I just had in my latest bending practice video …

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The lowest temperature I ever felt was on a slope many years ago which was -22 C and it was awful! Literally all my face needed to be covered up with scarf and googles as it felt my skin was cracking! -30 felt as -38 must be a horror, do you get many bursted water pipes or drains around during this sort of temperatures?

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Hi Mari,
I feel your pain. I had to go back up to Calgary a couple of weeks ago and it was -28 C with a slight wind that brought it down to the mid -30’s. I think my blood is too thin now to make it thru a whole winter.
Stay warm,


Alcohol is a good antifreeze :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::grin::joy:


Frostbite plays heck with your fretting, be careful out there!

Heading to the ski slope in 5 min. Still -5 F here.

Edit: The lift opens in 10 min and still -2 F….do I get out of the car?:skier:


Yikes. That’s cold. :dizzy_face:

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@Mari63 you’re getting the cold spell we had here in Alberta a
a few weeks ago. Hang in there it will get better. Most of the
snow has melted here, it’s was +15c in the middle of the

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Good lord Mari! Who need the wind chill as well!!!

Thunder Bay though, what a cool place to live (literally).

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@DavidP I’m not fond of +30 any more than -30, so I’m not sure I’d trade my weather for yours if I could! +15 would be ideal, but we don’t get to choose …

@adi_mrok -22 is not so bad if there’s no wind chill, we’ll easily walk our pup in that temp :smiley: When we lived out in BC they’d close the office for the day the few times it went below -10ish, but we’re sturdy folk in northwestern Ontario lol. Even if we’re not the heating systems are built to manage this weather so unless they break down in the middle of winter not too many issues come up.

@OpsRes yes that’s the thing too, whether you’re used to it or not. When we moved back home 25 years ago after being in BC for 6 years it was not fun. Guitar is a great indoor hobby though

@DarrellW :rofl:

@Jamolay Canada switched from Imperial to Metric when I was a teen, so I had to look up -2 F! Sounds like you and Adrian could be on the same slope :smiley:

@Richard_close2u yikes is right, but the purpose was worth it :smiley:

@stitch thanks but no thanks for sending your weather here! :laughing: It will likely be early April before we get any temps in the mid-teens, but we did get up above zero a week or so ago

@SgtColon yes it’s the wind chill that really gets you!! Apart from the extreme cold, which thankfully isn’t every day, I love this part of Canada :smiley:

Braving the cold was definitely worthwhile, got most of the sanding done on my diy guitar, and my friend cut me out the same shape on a piece of plywood so I can practice some painting. I did 1 try at spray painting the plywood, it wasn’t as bad as I expected so that’s a good start. Before any paint it just looks like a piece of wood in the shape of a guitar!

And even better - my partner took our dog for a walk while I was out, so now I don’t have to go out in the cold again!! :smiley:

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It is the weekend so staying inside with a :guitar: and :cocktail::beer::wine_glass:
isn’t a bad thing.

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At least it makes me think I actually can play the guitar…

Be careful mixing your :cocktail::beer::wine_glass:

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Sorry Guys…I live on the east coast of Australia. For me, 10°C is freezing…never really owned a coat.

That is about as cold as i’ve seen it the northeast USA this winter.
We heat with wood only so it takes a little xtra effort when it gets that
cold to keep the house ,acoustic guitar and fretting fingers warm.
I’ve been to Thunder Bay , liked it.
Hang in there, spring is a coming !

OMG! Repeated several times to get to the minimum number of characters lol

Yes it takes more effort but I love the warmth of wood heat. We lived in the country for 12 years and heated with wood only for most of that time (outdoor wood furnace, and wood stove), and then primarily with 2 indoor wood stoves supplemented with a propane boiler. There’s nothing like the warmth of a wood stove on a freezing winter day (or night!)

Likewise, Mari. During the summer days mid 20s is just right and a midwinter midday around 15 works for me.

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Positively tropical :heart_eyes:


Damn, that’s cold. This winter the lowest I think we’ve hit is around -1 or -2 C. But summers are brutal. We routinely go into the high 30s C, and have even hit the low 40s C a few times. And the summers are not just hot, but humid, too.

@J.W.C I couldn’t bring myself to put a ‘like’ on your post - those summer temps are way too high for me!!!