Bugs in practice assistant

I’ve started using the practice assistant now I’m on Grade 3 and working out my own practice schedules and noticed a couple of bugs:

  • When starting a practice item on iPhone - hitting the play button - the website brings up an empty video player every time. Have to close it.
  • Metronome always offers to save a bpm one above whatever I was using - using 70bpm, it wants to save 71.
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Thanks for the feedback, JK. I will pass this on to the team


Not so much a bug as a functionality issue. I notice that when I add a song to practice items like from this link: The Gambler by Kenny Rogers | JustinGuitar.com
It also adds it to my current routine. The issue is I was on Module 1… finished added some songs for later then moved to module 2 and did the same. By the time I got to module 3 I realized my practice for module 3 had some songs I added and but that module 1 and 2 also had some songs and I had to kind of go through the pain of removing the song items from the routines. Make a new routine called “Songs to Practice” and then add all my songs to that. This just means before I can add a song to practice I have to go to my routines… select my “songs to practice” THEN add the song items. I would prefer either just adding the items but not to any routine or automatically making a “Songs” routine and putting them there OR allowing the choice of WHICH routine to add the song items to. Thanks for listening!

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