Building a Partscaster

So a Roasted swamp ash tele body and a roasted flame maple neck from warmoth looks nice, not … not cheap…

$225 for the body, $489 for the neck (w/t stainless frets, vintage style tuner holes, graphtech nut

I think once wire wool/brushed with true oil , black? pick guard and some brass fittings should look nice!

Nothing ordered yet

So was in Rockshop today trying out a bunch of Tele’s , all made in USA, not so impressed with some but that was setup I think.

This one was the best, super light, the wood looked gorgeous but well over bling’d for me, its also $9k ahah

Figured out I want a body cut on the inside, probably a sloped heel and possibly an elbow cut too but not 100% on that.

Was ok with the ashtray bridge but imo its not the best solution to a bridge. Have to think… but still I think plan on a kit.

This looks intersting

or go for a whole parts cheapie for practice?

I’d vote for the kit but it states “All challenging wood cutting, drilling and shaping has already been professionally done, as well as fret leveling and dressing.”

So… It’s just assembling a bunch of parts again. And finishing.
For my personal preferences, this is not ery stimulating.

Yeah I known what you mean, I’m sure there will be some fangling but not so much actual making rather than assembly

From I’ve read online on various groups, I infer that finishing is by no means an easy task.
I enrolled on a guitar building course, starting September. I’ll let you know in a year’s time or so :joy:

The amount of effort required for the finish largely depends on what kind of finish you do.

Something like an oil finish, it should be fairly simple, as all you need to do is apply the finish and rub it in with a cloth, repeating until you get the shade you’d like.
If you want to go for a high gloss finish, then there is a lot more effort required.

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I’m not sure yet!

So far I am thinking either a swampcaster like this - roasted swamp ash, some work with wire wool and brushes, some tru oil, perhaps some stain.

Or something spalted maple veneered, not sure what I would do with the finish on this, nothing too high gloss I think.

I think I’ve realized to get a tele (in NZ) in the style I want I would have to order from a small maker, buy a fender custom shop like guitar for mega bucks or make it myself.

Theres obviously a risk making it myself…

It’s a Tele you want to make. You could use a couple rough sawn scaffold planks, and it’ll likely still work :laughing:

Yeah right! Its supposed to be a cheap piece of wood with a neck and pickup yet MIA ones here are $5-9k? ?

Just make sure you count 10 fingers by the end of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So parts ordered… this could be fun, or a disaster…