Bukovinsky learning log

With respect, 40 year olds Don’t belong in a skateboard park Full Stop :grinning:

(opinion of a 61 year old who only realised this year that 61 year olds don’t belong on motorcycles)

“Hurt” sept 6 2020

OK here it is I’ve really been trying to work on my strumming I did watch half this video muted and it really doesn’t look like I’m flicking my wrist when I strum but I am and I’ve been practicing this and no matter how much I feel I’m flicking it still doesn’t look like it on video. I am open to any suggestions or comments. ESpecially with my strumming and how I’m holding the guitar I’m not sure if I found that right sweet spot to hold it yet.

One thing I didn’t mention earlier I did get Justin’s strumming premium course and I feel it has been very helpful As is as everything else from JustinGuitar.com


Hey Jason, making good progress there, keeping the hand moving throughout. Keep it up.

Hard to tell on the video but sitting on a soft sofa is sometimes not the best for posture and looks like you may be a little hunched at times. Just something to think about

Hey you got through a long song and it sounded great! I’m not there at all so I respect the time and energy you have put in to this song! :smiley:

Wow thanks, that was quick responses
Yes, stiffness I think may be nerves. what I just started doing was watching more videos of myself. I keep it on mute, sometimes I can’t bear to here how bad it is. But I do pay attention to my strumming.

I’m posting another video of “hurt” it is a little slower that’s the way I like this song and I’ve been practicing it. I have no backing track and I am attempting to sing for the first time. I’m going for around 77 BPMs tempo. this is for my log just to check if there on any improvements when I do next attempt in 1 month. I think that should be enough time for me to practice this song and hopeful result in improvements.

P.S. I’m still learning how to use this whole community thing so I am sorry if people get replies into their email I don’t really know how this works. But I am always open to critiques, constructive criticism, anything that will help me improve.

-Improvement Goals-

   1). Keep tempo throughout song
   2). Not be so stiff more relaxed strumming                         
   3). Improve wrist action strumming
   4). Chord change     Amin - F
   5). Vocals singing (not sure what I can do there)
         rewatch Justinguitar singing while playing 
   6). Get more comfortable playing while 
         Taking video

1st singing vid. “Hurt”


That was really good Jason. Your vocal adds soul and feeling that the earlier version lacked. Your voice is full of character.

Just keep concentrating on a steady strumming pattern and keep working on getting those chords fretted cleanly. Well done.

If you want more views and comments on your performance I suggest you post here.
About the :mega: Audio / Video of You Playing category
The site is pretty busy now and not everyone follows the learning log thread.

Hey Jason… you’re making good progress… keep at it mate.

Awesome thanks :grinning:

Trying finger style needed a break from all the strumming practice. Still figuring out what finger to use for strumming

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Ha ha I just realized it’s the same chord progression and strumming as “Hurt”.

Hi Jason, good progress. Keep working on it. Maybe you can alternate practicing playing Hurt along the original record and playing and singing so you can concentrate in the strumming and the chord changes when playing along the original record and then working on playing and singing. Two different exercises with the same song.

That sounded cool, Jason. Keep working it. I liked the way you began to throw in some chord embellishments and the occasional up strum.

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Thanks appreciate the feedback.
I do practice with the track on the Justin Guitar app and I do slow down the tempo which is a feature I love, I try to increase it as I learn but sometimes you get a weird number when decreasing tempo. I think I’ve been trying to 77 BPM’s.
I’m really stuck on the strumming with a metronome I’m pretty good at keeping the tempo as long as I can hear it. I have been working with the TimeTrainer app sometimes I can get a couple bars break but I still have a habit of speeding up.

** Something I’m throwing out there please let me know if anybody experienced it. It’s hard to explain but I feel when I am playing and really keeping in time, time slows down it’s almost like a switch and all of a sudden I’m like oh I need to slow it down because everything’s in slow motion

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2nd Learning log update [ 7 months]

- I got myself a new acoustic Fender FA235
          Awesome, I should have gotten  a new
          acoustic a while ago. The  one I had 
           was horrible. 
-  Going thru beginner grade 2 again
-  Thinking about my goals aspirations


        **- play acoustic good. With melody 
            - Have a Repertoire 10 songs campfire 
             - improvise over Pink Floyd tracks
                Play like Gilmore with that unique
                Pink Floyd sound. 
  • I want to be able to play songs and entertain people on the acoustic. With the electric more soloing stuff. Pink Floyd and Oasis.

Current songs working on
Hurt (finger style)
Let’s Go Home Together (finger style)
Wish You Were Here (w/solo)
Handle With Care

Electric guitar
- Solo’s,
- Looper pedal
-Delay pedal
- Improvising w Pink Floyd tracks


2nd recording hurt. Finger style. 1 month practice


Hi Jason, steady rhythm and good work with the dynamics.


October 9, 2022. Log update——

I just started the spider practice. Don’t know how I missed this in the beginning unless maybe it was too hard and I forgot about it.
Currently I’m horrible debating if I should post an audio to compare it weekly progression. Going through different posts and think it should be updated more often. Like a journal.

Items to practice
Spider exercise **
Chord changes
F - G
A bar - F bar (without moving 1st finger)
Strumming w/ trainer app
Ear Training w/app
“Handle me with care”
“ Friday I’m in love “
“Let’s go home together” (finger style)
“Runaway Train “
Improvising w/ Pink Floyd backing
“Wish you were here”. Intro solo

Gear stuff

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Spider exercise. When i first started doing it.
Will follow up to see how I improve :spider:

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Here’s my cover of “hurt” five weeks practice. Im going to work on my strumming some more.
“Runaway train“ will be my next song. Really concentrating on the strumming and timing. This will be all strumming it does have a very fast tempo.

“Hurt” cover w vocals