Bukovinsky learning log

Hi Jason, steady rhythm and good work with the dynamics.


October 9, 2022. Log update——

I just started the spider practice. Don’t know how I missed this in the beginning unless maybe it was too hard and I forgot about it.
Currently I’m horrible debating if I should post an audio to compare it weekly progression. Going through different posts and think it should be updated more often. Like a journal.

Items to practice
Spider exercise **
Chord changes
F - G
A bar - F bar (without moving 1st finger)
Strumming w/ trainer app
Ear Training w/app
“Handle me with care”
“ Friday I’m in love “
“Let’s go home together” (finger style)
“Runaway Train “
Improvising w/ Pink Floyd backing
“Wish you were here”. Intro solo

Gear stuff

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Spider exercise. When i first started doing it.
Will follow up to see how I improve :spider:

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Here’s my cover of “hurt” five weeks practice. Im going to work on my strumming some more.
“Runaway train“ will be my next song. Really concentrating on the strumming and timing. This will be all strumming it does have a very fast tempo.

“Hurt” cover w vocals

Enjoyed your update, Jason. You have a sound plan. Loved the pictures of the guitars, pedals and amp…all cool.

“Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum Is next. It Should be an easy song pretty simple strumming easy chords except for the F but it does have a very fast tempo.

First recording October 13. I did sync up the garage band audio with My iPhone video. I think the synch is pretty good but I couldn’t get the audio levels to show which would’ve helped me.
Obviously needs some work and as always open to any comments thanks for all the support.


Awesome tune Jason, love Soul Asylum. Grave Dancers was a regular album for me during my university years and not listened to any of it for a long time so thanks for bringing back some awesome memories with their most famous song (imo).

Nice performance, really consistent old faithful strumming there and nice smooth chord changes., you were solidly getting into into in the latter portion. As that beds in perhaps see if you can mix up patterns between verses a little and play with some of the dynamics / volume. A terrific base to work from there.

I’m going to look up some SA tabs now :wink:

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Thanks that’s exactly what I am aiming for solid old faithful strumming and smooth chord changes.

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Consider that box firmly ticked on that one then Jason! :slight_smile:

Hi Jason,
How wonderful it is to see how much progress you have made… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…Continue what you are doing… :smiley:

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November log update

What I’ve been practicing:

Chord changes
G -F
C - G
Runaway train
Handle with Care
Mad World
Random strumming patterns

Did a lot of messing around with recording mixing
Garage band for audio
Camera for video
Adding original recording
A lot of syncing needed. Difficult in iMovie
Probably going to get condenser mic for iPhone That would solve audio problems

Haven’t been practicing as much because of the time messing around recording.

Going to post video of spider exercise and runaway train. For comparison even though I have not practiced spider enough will continue.

Time for me to start learning some Christmas songs some thing I’ve always wanted to do. going to start with greensleeves finger style it’s same tune as “what child is this”. Not sure yet what other songs going to go for but there are a lot of lessons on JG.

Runaway Train. - soul asylum nov. 1
Still needs work. Don’t think sync is perfect.


Good work, man!

I’ve also been thinking of learning a Christmas song or two. It will have to be something fairly basic d for me at this point.

Terrific tune Jason and you’ve nailed that I’d say! Well done sir :+1::clap:

Nov. 9 update

Spider exercise :
Still in practice routine (5 min).
Not as much improvement as I would like.
Only been practicing going up strings. Today
started going down.

I am preparing for Christmas with a couple songs just Started “What Child is this “ otherwise known as Greensleeves
“Jingle bells“ I will start practicing.
Maybe one more song not sure.

“Greensleeves” 11/9

Lastly “Handle with care”. I have been messing around with this. Trying to stick with easy songs.

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Handle with care 1st recording 11/9


Hi Jason, good rhythm and dynamics there.

Log update Dec 1 2023

—What I’m practicing—

-Started Xmas songs:

  Silent night - (finger style)
  What child this  - (finger style)
  War is over 
 Jingle bells 
 Santa clause  coming town

Accent strumming
16th note strum

-Repertoire revisions
Runaway train
Wish you were here

-New songs
Comfortably numb

  • Technique
    Pinky workout
    Finger gym

I finally purchased a condenser mic that I connect to iPhone. I’ve been messing around recording a lot of my practicing. Very glad I got it I think the sound is so much better on my recordings. So far only recorded acoustic.
Repertoire revision practice going very well I’m surprised at how many songs I have mostly memorized.
Xmas songs are going great. I am very glad I started practicing so early. I think I might actually be able to play something by Christmas
Also got Justin’s Christmas song book. Awesome!!

Work in progress
Silent night finger style


Very nicely done, recording sound worked rather well. Xmas music at 3am, awesome. :slight_smile:


Thanks cheers