Bukovinsky learning log

April 2023. Update

  • Playing with fingers closer to frets.
  • lossened fretting hand
  • playing standing helps me to not crane neck
  • using looper for drones and loops
  • triads
  • Bmin
  • playing with drum backing 90bpm ‘Fade to Black’

April practice

  • Notes on neck
  • Finger stretch exercise
  • pattern 1 major scale
  • B and Bin


‘Somewhere Only We Know’
Still Waiting’

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Not really sure I am going with this song.
I tried playing several different ways. For some reason I decided to go finger style.


April 25 2023

Just had my lesson with Justin,awesome!!!I thank you. I definitely got some direction where I should be going to reach my goal goal. We went over how to play soundscapes, layering in style Gilmore from Pink Floyd.

-What we covered-
(What I can remember 3 hrs later, should have done this earlier)

Creating layers:
Chord tones, stay in key , major scale, modes, Sus triads,
First loop rhythm, two bars, soloing over using major scale, Sus triads
In the key of G was using the G major scale up and down the neck need to learn the patterns to be able to do that
My strumming was good both of my acoustic and electric thank God

What to practice next:

-Major Chord Maestro Module
-scale patterns


You had a Justin lesson? Awesome. Lucky guy!

While it’s still fresh in my memory.

Some after thoughts, questions . Wish I could remember every detail.

Triad, sus chords, fingering.
Suspended Triads

Was I supposed to end layer with a sus triad so I’m able to keep playing and go anywhere??
Or make layer using Sus Triads??

First layer chord or chord progressions? Either.
Next layer rhythm? Or do you get the rhythm playing the chord/s on the first layer?

Use major scale to improvise over layers.

Create a layer using suspended triads?

Need to find Sus triad finger placement where I can easily change not moving finger.

First practice using G scale over a back in track. It was an E minor backing track, should be OK. G is the relative major.
Mostly pattern 1, but I did start learning pattern 2 so that comes in at the end. I I also linked pattern 1 with pattern 2 somewhere in there. That is an accomplishment I have not been able to link any scales before.
Definitely doing reactive listening.
So much fun. Thanks for the help.

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Yes through the learning guitar class 2023 On facebook. Several members get 1/2 hour lesson.
Best half hour of guitar practice I’ve had. I am super grateful and lucky I really needed it. It was perfect timing. Awesome open mic XV, as usually


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I knew I had something with sus triads

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Really great log Jason!


I struggle on the timing with this song I think it’s cause I wanna go from the eighth note strumming to 16 note strumming.

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A marked improvement Jason, certainly getting there. Overall it was well played and your opening comments show you are aware where things need a little improvement but I think you are close. Took me a while to get the timing right but a great song for those days when just want to pick up and play anything !


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Making my way through this and it’s great mate :clap: seeing your improvement is fantastic and I find your dedication to practice inspiring :+1: we all have moments when we feel we get a bit stuck and wish we were progressing faster, but you honestly don’t have anything to worry about, you’re making great strides :v:

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**Log Update June ‘23 **

Some videos of what I’m working on

**Looper practice **

2 & 4 percussive hit

New finger exercise


July 2023 update

Still practicing been very busy will put up some links to recent stuff
New lesson practice AHA ! Moment caught on video. - YouTube aha moment
Long jam session July 26, 2023 New delay pedal making noise jam - YouTube

I tried to pretend somebody gave me aguitar, and I had to play a song.


Hi Jason, good progress. You can practice just the transition from the strumming to the bass line and back to the strumming in addition to practicing the whole song if you’re no already doing so. Those changes can be tricky.