By and By - Caamp | February 2024

This is always a good idea. Helps with your dynamics. I would suggest(what I practiced) was having a smaller strumming arc. Not going past your 1st string to much as well as the 6th string. This should help ya out. There are times when you will want to hit the strings harder for the dynamics and accents . Having a shorter arc will also allow you to strum that pattern quicker in the end. Less travel distance. :wink: .

Hope this helps.

Rock on!


Great stuff Hilary!! :clap::facepunch:
Great strumming and playing…
same goes for voice, a pleassure to listen too.

I have to echo what some have mentioned about go a little looser here and there… i can hear that you allready have that «dynamic» a few places allready, a little more if that and this song will go from great to awsome :grin:

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I wish I could say that was on purpose :laughing: Someday it will be!

love caamp
thanks for the cover

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