C Chord Changes - any tips on which other chords to pair it with?

Hiya , I can get my C chord clean but my changes are way behind , so I thought I’d concentrate on setting up a 1 , 2 mins change practice with a metronome , but struggling to think of a sequence are some chords more common on a C change than others to start me off

any suggestions greatly welcomed thanks

G C D. That’s the 1 4 5 in the key of G
G Em C D that’s the 1 6 4 5 in G

If you know the F chord
C F G 1 4 5 in the key of C
C Am F G that’s the 1 6 4 5 in C

These are common Chord Progression in thousands of song using the C chord.
You can practice using any one these chords with C or practice the chord progression
and see what song you come up with.


Thanks stitch that’s a great help I’m not up to the F chord yet figured it’s best to wait get my chord and changes improved before moving up

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Just leave the F chord out you can still Am and G with the C chord and be that much
closer to playing songs in the key of C
If you go to the song section on the website and in the chord filter check off C Am and G
I’m sure Justin will have a few song you could practice when the OMC gets boring

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I use Fmaj7 instead of full F in this combination.

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hi, Jasemac’s post caught my eye, i’ve not gotten to the C chord in the modules yet, but could you enlighten me please to what you mean by 1 4 5 in the key of C and so on, whats the 1 4 5 relating to? i’m about to start learning a bit of theory, my Boss has just given me one of Justins books to have a look at, and i’m going to start learning the pentatonic scale, but your comment Stitch has left me quite puzzled. :slight_smile:

@chubbyfingers Every key has 7 note and they are called intervals.
In the Key of C they are C D E F G A B and back to C. These intervals are numbered
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 every interval has a chord that goes with it. Without getting into to much
Theory these Chord in the Key of C are C Dm Em F G Am Bdim.

If you match each chord to it’s interval number you will see the C is 1 F is 4 and G is 5.
Making a 1 4 5 progression.

In the key of G the 1 4 5 intervals are G is 1 C is 4 and D is 5. making the G C and D chords
the 1 4 5
Every Key has 7 different notes. The note and chord change with the Key but the intervals
stay the same

Scales are the same they are made from the intervals of each key.
The Major pentatonic scale uses the intervals of 1 2 3 5 6 of the 7 intervals of the major scale.
The minor pentatonic scale uses the 1 b3 4 5 b7 of the major scale.
Don’t worry if you don’t understand any of this. You will learn all of this in the theory course
and as you work through Justin’s courses.

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ahhh, thanks Stitch, and no, i don’t understand it just yet but now i remember watching a youtube vid about this, may’ve been Guitar Academy or something, left me completely baffled, and as you say, i put it down to that it’d make sense as i progress through.
thanks for your reply.

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HI. Been working through these courses since February. About two weeks per module. I am finding the song practice for this module particularly hard. I am sure the best advice is just keep pressing through. Took from Sunday until today to get the C Chord reliably sounding good. The changes in the songs are just very fast. Might be sticking around this module for some time.


Welcome from another Thompson :notes:

Me too be worth it in the end though :+1:

Stitch offers good advice.
Just one important caveat to the point about filtering by chords.
Selecting only C, Am and G shows only 5 songs:

The reason being this in red:

Your better bet is to filter by grade:

Or by Tags:

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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Hello @thforbes and welcome to the Community.

Each successive module will take longer to learn, practice and embed.
Take the time needed to build a strong foundation.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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@chubbyfingers, I see @stitch has provided a full technical answer to your question, but I remember pondering that 1 4 5 thing myself and the answer is: it sounds good and so it’s become massively popular. Play the chords with those numbers in that order in the key of C and they sound nicer than maybe 1 2 3 or 5 1 4. As far as I can tell thus far, ALL ‘music theory’ is just the formalising of what people generally agree to be pleasant to the ear!

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It sounds good and familiar as 1 4 5 is the bedrock of every 12 Bar Blues.