Californication Solo Practice

I have not got around to see your solo before now Mark… i dont have a single advice to offer :rofl: seems like you recieved a load anyway…

I am impressed… knowing approx. were you are in the guitar landscape/journey… Hope i can do something like this oneday myself. Sounded awsome to my ears… keep it up Mark! :metal:

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Thanks @tRONd still on the Frusciante road, maybe half a step further along :joy:

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Hi Mark, above my pay grade to give meaningful feedback but it sounded good!

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Cheers John!! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s pretty good mate, just gonna work on the bends

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Hi Notter,

Sounded good.

I’m not much of a lead player, and find it difficult to play with good posture/hand positioning.
I always end up with my hand slightly angled against the neck rather than square on - just feels more comfortable. Probably why I have major limitations.

Little fingers are only there to make the hand look neater. :slight_smile:

Find what works for you and don’t worry about it being “textbook” or not.


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