"Campfire Song" - Who'll Stop The Rain

This is one of the songs I often use for warm up. It contains my personal nemesis, the Bm chord. Who'll Stop The Rain - YouTube


I think you’ve well and truly stared your Bm nemesis down Gregory. The flowing, rhythmic movement of your strumming arm as well as your clean fretting serves to help you get gorgeous tones from your guitar. You look and sound comfortable and that’s a nice thing for the viewer.

Bravo, Gregory, that was well done. Smooth, steady, relaxed through out, and the Bm looked good. Well done.

I think Batwoman said it all there Gregory. That was wonderful playing.

Bm, pah! You da boss.

Hi Gregory, just to echo what has been said - you have a very smooth strumming arm, relaxed and in the groove. The changes match it and all rolled along really well. Bravo.

Steady strumming and clean chords. I agree, Bm can be an awkward one and you aced it, well done Gregory.
Maybe a vocal or a backing track next time?

I like that Gregory, nice and smooth and flowing. Very nice with the Bm, I have it in a couple of songs I’m working on now and finding it very awkward! I’d say you’re bossing it based on that. Great work :+1:

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. It really helps build confidence.

Great work @GDPiper169, thanks for the share. Definitely some pretty playing there.

Good job, nice strumming and chords.

Hi Gregory,
You can look for a new nemesis…you radiate tranquility …keep it up :sunglasses:

Well done sir, one of my campfire songs too but I have to use the 4 finger cheater Bm.

Hi Gregory, I agree with everyone. Nicely done.