Can a strap be to soft ?"

So, I have a new strap for my guitar and my first thought is, Is it to soft given the weight of the Guitar is over 9lb. I can flex this stap completely in half with my little finger and thumb, making me pause for thought. :thinking:

If the strap is wide enough it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, what material is it made from and how thick is it?

I was thinking of something more akin to a leather belt firmness so not sure about this yet.

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I don’t understand the issue. Unless it stretches under the weight of the guitar, soft seems good to me.

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This strap will definately stretch given how soft it is.

Sounds like you aren’t happy with it, so you should send it back. The Amazon listing says free returns, all money back.

Hi Rachel, I use these straps on all of my guitars, and never had a problem with weight of instrument.

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Hi Rachel, there’s no problem with that strap at all. That leather is exceptionally good quality and it’s used to give comfort in use; it’s usually made so that the strength comes from webbing inside the leather outer padding which is usually polypropylene which is strong but flexible.
That is a gorgeous strap and now I’ve seen it I think I might just get one for myself, my Telecaster Thinline copy is pretty heavy and my thick hard leather strap isn’t very comfortable despite several treatments with dubbing!

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Thats really good to hear, thank you very much for the info and help. If you do get this one, let me know what you think. I only have this leather strap and the one that came with the guitar but thats really smelly lol.

It is incredibly soft…


Rachel. :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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