Can I Collapse my entire log thread?

Again I lost all my data as I forogt that I cannot make major edits to my log without that happening.!

So, I’ve decided that I need to do my log differently.

I’ve figured how to make the collapable bullet points but, I may aswell collapse it all and start from grade 2 and fill in from there as I’m now adding parts from module 12.

Anyone know if I can do that or if it’s an admin thing?


Rachel, I am not fully understanding what you want to do. I assume it is something on your Learning Log topic? But maybe something to do with the Practice Log on the website?

oops, sorry, Yes, about my learning log. It’s 150 posts and I was wondering if it’s possible to put that thread into a collapsable bullet point like


Post 1
Post 150

This way I can make new post as of Grade 2 because I’ve lost that data on the practice log.



Thanks Rachel. I’ve not seen any way to select and merge topics.

So all I can think of is that you start a new topic. You could add a brief intro and then add a post for the history and copy and paste from the original into the form you want. That would be a fair amount of tedious editing.

Or you could continue on in the current, leave it as is and use the hidden content feature going forward. Or just start a new log and I’ll close the current one.

Or I could still be missing the point.

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No, you understand correctly David. Thank you for the clarification, it’s what I needed to know. :slight_smile:


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