Can i finish the music theory course even though i'm still in beginner grade 3?

hi everyone! i’m a beginner who just bought the music theory course. i want to continue learning music theory even past the grade 3 part of the music theory course. However, I am still in grade 3 for the guitar course. do you think i should go for courses past the grade 3 music theory course even though i’m still in grade 3 for the guitar course?

Music theory doesn’t teach you how to play music it teaches you how to understand music. So being ahead in theory won’t hurt your playing but will help your understanding. With that said spending more time learning to play and less time on theory will help your playing a lot more.
I played guitar for a really long time before I knew any theory at all. In the passed 10 years I’ve learnt a lot of theory and it really hasn’t improved my playing at all. It’s improved my understanding of what I play but you don’t need to understand music to play music. You need practice.


Hi Rishi,

The beginner course and the theory course are not aligned to each other module by module, so you can definitely go further in the latter if you are interested.

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Hey Rishi,

From my experience with Justins theory course, I’d say go for it, if time permits. It is a highly practical course, and I found it has accelerated my learning of new concepts, directly applicable to playing. The upshot being less time working things out/understanding new concepts, more time implementing them.

Cheers, Shane

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