Can I make my own practice?

Hey peeps. Out of the blue, I decided to buy a guitar 2 weeks ago and I have used this site every day to practice. I love the routines feature because I see the improvement through the stats and it blows my mind how efficient the 1-minute exercises are.

I’m enjoying just doing the exercises and a couple of random riffs but I have a question. Can I make my own practices? I don’t mean a routine but a practice that I can add to a routine?

I would love to do a 1 Minute exercise that involved 3 chords instead of just 2. Besides that, I would also like to create 1-2 Minute riff practices.

Is that a thing I can do?

Of course you can do it, but do you mean add it to your dashboard practice yes, just go to

Dashboard->practice->Items and add a new item at the bottom

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Yup, you can! Though 3 chord change stats might not be as useful as 2, or maybe they will depending on how you use it. Just press the add item button under items.

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Great! I appreciate the feedback!


:metal: Great! :metal: