Can we follow individual members?

Is it possible for us to follow individual members?



Hi Pat, I’m not sure, if there’s an option to follow individual members in person. I’ve never seen anything like that. But you can bookmark certain threads or topics created by a person. Let’s say a certain log of a person. And there is a tracking function at the bottom of every topic.


I have yet to come across a “stalker” option :rofl: but there is a way to do it manually.

Click on the hamburger/three bar doofer next to your profile picture and then click on Users

then add the username you want to follow in the search box and it will bring theirs and your profile

Click on the username and it will bring their high level profile up

Click on the picture or name and it will bring their activity details, from where you can select posts and topics created

Hope that helps


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Interestingly I noticed today that since @Richard_close2u has been adding tags to the AVoYPs that you can go into your profile and use those tags to set up watch lists based on the tags.

I’m wondering if this would notify you if the user you were following posted an AVoYP etc.

I hope that may be of help.