Can't find C major backing track (module 10)

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I’m kinda torn here…

One the one hand…

…I have exactly the same complaint as @TerrySr .

When I did module 10 a few months ago, I was excited to make improvisation part of my practice routine. And then very disappointed that the app did not have the backing track included. (Sent a feature request to Musicopia at the time, IIRC)

Furthermore, when I looked on the website, I couldn’t find the backing track, despite quite a bit of searching.

After quite a bit more searching on YouTube, I eventually found a backing track I liked. But when I tried to incorporate it into my practice routine with the app, I had the same experience as Terry. Having to leave the app seemed to break the flow of my practice to a surprising degree, and I didn’t continue down that path for long.

So it was a rare lapse in quality from the otherwise excellent app and website experience that Justin provides…which was quite jarring.

On the other hand…

…Terry, I mean no offence, but you do seem “disgruntled”, as @Richard_close2u put it. Are you really considering dropping your app subscription because of this one lapse?

Sure, you can get the lessons on the website for free. But - like me - it sounds like you get a superior experience with the app.

In my experience, the Justin team takes feedback seriously e.g. adding tabs to the Wish You Were Here lesson. Hopefully this will be resolved at some point now that multiple people have pointed it out.


Tom, the backing track is included as a Resource on the webpage for the Major Scale Improvisation lesson: Major Scale Improvisation |

I gather there is a link in the lesson on the app that implies there should be a backing track, which I agree is poor implementation if that functionality is still to be implemented. And I am not close as a Mod to Musopia, to have insight into their development backlog and release plan.

I can also appreciate there is a measure of inconvenience in having to switch from the App to a downloaded file. But I’d like to think on balance that ability to play along with a large catalog of songs plus the lessons in synch with the website Grade 1 & 2 lessons and modules is sufficient value that the app be overall considered to be good value, despite this shortcoming.

While talking about the lessons on the app, I would still recommend making use of the website to view Justin’s video, read the ‘Learn more’ info, and to access any additional Resources provided, in addition to consuming the lessons on the App. I think it is correct that there is generally additional value to be gained from that.

@DavidP Yes, the application is good value for money.

I completely agree with your recommendation to use both the application and the website to get the most out of Justin’s teaching materials.

As I have been working my way through the modules, my approach has changed. I very rarely use the app for the practice tools. I mainly use the app now for recapping on the lesson videos and for playing along with the excellent library of songs.

Why do I not use the app for the practice tools anymore?

I find the My Practice Assistant on the website far more useful. It allows me to add all the practice elements for the particular module I’m working on. It allows me to make changes to the practice routine to suit my particular needs at the time.

When I want to practice strumming techniques and patterns, I prefer to work with a metronome. I don’t think the app has the functionality of being able to adjust the bpm and apply beat drops and bar breaks.

Neither does the website inbuilt application. So I just click on the start practice item and switch to the Justin TimeTrainer App to work on the preset routine I’ve programmed.

With the My Practice Assistant, it automatically brings up the video with the backing track playing. So, there is no need to go downloading the backing track.

When it comes to practising the module songs, I will switch over to the app as I prefer to select my own songs rather than the ones built into the My Practice Assistant.

It may seem like a pain switching between the website and apps, but at the end of the day I like to think I’m getting the most out of the various training tools and materials to help me progress.


Thanks for sharing your approaches and the ways in which you make use of the different resources and tools, James.

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@DavidP, thanks for the response. As you say, there’s additional benefit to using the website as well as the app…I use both.

Also, I see I tagged you incorrectly as the person who was complaining about the app…I will edit my post.

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Hi @Richard_close2u
This is great. Is there any way of actually down loading and Saving the Backing track.
Thank you.


Nick, click on the download icon on the track, as shown on the image Richard posted. That will start the BT playing in a browser window. You’ll notice three dots as per the image below which will give you an option to download to your device.


Unfortunately not on my Mac?


Nick, I’m accessing using Chrome on Windows and have no exposure and experience in using a Mac and whatever browser and OS you are using.

I suppose there is either another means to download when using a Mac or this is an environment-specific bug

Hopefully a Mac user will respond to this to provide more input. I’ll give it some time for that to happen and if nothing materialises I’ll raise with the technical team.

What browser are you using ? That may help. Did a quick google and Safari for example has a download button. Just a thought. :sunglasses:

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Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner OS Monterey 12.4.

Nick hopefully that will lead some of our Mac users to assist. Apart from mainframes I am solely a Windows user so can’t help. Neither its seems can Google. “How to down load files from OS Monterey 12.4” returns advice on how to download OS Monterey 12.4 !! So as much use as a chocolate teapot. @DavidP as you said earlier maybe one for the team ?

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I use Chrome browser on a mac. I can confirm, if I click on the Resources tab on the lesson page and then click on the backing track, it opens a new tab in the browser and the backing track plays. It looks like the screenshot that DavidP posted above. I get the “3 dots”, which if I click on I can download the .mp3 file to my mac.

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@jjw1 Thanks for the feedback, John.

@SlipperyTriple Nick, can you confirm what browser you are using?

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Hi, I almost feel guilty for starting this thread, but it has provoked some useful discussions. I should like to say that I subscribe to the App, as well as using Justin’s website, which is awesome and continues to provide new material.

One issue that I had is that my amp, a Fender Performer 650, has no Aux input to connect a mobile phone or my computer. This has been a source of great frustration as I don’t really want to use my bass amp for the purpose. I have recently solved this by getting a Behringer MX400 4-channel mono mixer (about 28 euros from Amazon) and have connected it in the effects loop of the Performer amp with two short jack cables. So now effectively I have 3 Aux inputs (the 4th being used for the guitar channel from the amplifier preamp), all independently adjustable for volume and I can connect my phone with the Justin App, as well as my computer, all at the same time. I hope this is a useful tip for anyone like me who needs to find a workaround.