Can't find how to play this correctly

Hi Justin Guitar community!

I’ve been trying to learn how to play this electric guitar riff that starts at the beginning and plays throughout the whole song. I’ve found some videos of people playing it on YT but I don’t know what or how they’re playing it. Sounds like there’s some muting involved. Any help would be much appreciated :blush:

I’ve not tried transcribing it, but this guy seems to have it pretty close, and there is tab there too, the technique uses a lot of string muting, so he’s hitting a lot of strings but just playing one… It sounds to me like the original recording is using a phaser effect (and probably a bunch of compression too).

VIsuals always help - watching the cover @mathsjunky shared the crucial techniques you need to play it just that way are 16th not strumming and playing single string notes while muting all other strings with fingers and thumb over the top. It is not a simple beginner guitar part.