Can't get tabs for sweet home alabama

Starting to work on SHA and tried to get the TABS for it and it asked me to subscribe or tabs. I checked my “PURCHASES” and i already subscribed. I have gotten tabs before. What am I not doing? I am logged in.

It’s working for me.
Could be a glitch.

Have you tried logging out and back in?

Yes. Still cannot access TABS

Can you access other TABs?


It’s a subscription, are you still subscribed or has it lapsed?

Just to check, is this on the website, or an iOs or Android app?


Just checked my account and it appears that my TAB subscription was canceled. I don’t remember doing that.

How long was the subscription good for?

It’s either a month or yearlong subscription depending on what you subscribed to.

@gwandless Gregory, for subscription related questions you are better off contacting @larynejg using