Can't seem to pick higher strings without muting E string

I have been trying to play the intro to December by Collective Soul, and when I go from picking the low E string to the G, B, and e strings, I always end up muting the low E. I have a guitar with a bridge similar to what is pictured below and I have been trying to rest the corner of my palm just behind the bridge to stabilize it. I know I’m not palm muting because the note rings out until I shift my hand to play the G string. Any thoughts on how I can maneuver my hand to allow the E to continue ringing?


Example Tab for song:

Hi Andy,

You could probably support your picking hand against the pickguard instead of behind the bridge. Then you would have more mobility with the pick and it would be easier to avoid muting the low E string.

I have considered that. I have seen a lot of places talking about that not really being good form so I wasn’t sure if I would be learning a bad habit even though it would solve the problem.

Why would that be a bad habit?

So where are you going to anchor your hand when you need to pick over the neck pickup to give a softer tone?
For best mobility you need to learn not to use an anchor as done in classical style, you can get the best dynamics that way. As another alternative use your pinkie and ring finger as a bridge, it’s more mobile than using your palm as a bridge, but when you need to use palm muting it’s appropriate to use your palm then.
Summary, use a combination of all three techniques.

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