Capo The Chords To Best Suit Your Voice

We are going to agree to disagree on this one. I have just played it with and without capo and they sound completely different. Not even close!

And you played the same chord “shapes” each time ?

Well, I played the same chords on the 5th fret just because I can’t sing it at the low range of the first fret. Sounds like the original to me. Just at a higher vocal range. Are you saying my version doesn’t sound like the tune at all?


Yours was fine, as you say just higher which is all a capo does. Simples.
Think this part of your thread need stripping off on its own, if Stuart wants to pursue it after watching the lessons James provided.



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Totally agree. Good call. Maybe @DavidP can tidy the post up a bit so that the focus is on @SandyMusic AVOYP.

One example I was just thinking of there was Wonderwall. Noel plays it with capo on 2nd fret but he also plays it with capo on 3rd fret with the same chords. Either way its still Wonderwall, just in a different key.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner @Socio

That’s a good call guys. Now is not the moment, I’ll come back and do a little tidy up.


As I have said before sounds OK to me but not sure it would be the same without the singing, but no criticism of your playing/singing from me. The point I was trying to get across (not very well obviously) is that the chords played without a capo sound different. It’s the singing that makes the song recognisable.

Taking this analogy I guess that that you could play any song with or without a capo and it would be OK.

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Fine with me.

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I’ll check these out, thanks. Must have watched them but it was along time ago.


These are fundamental to understanding what is going here. Without capo same but Sandy would have to sing lower.

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@Stuartw , think about changing the key with a capo like this: read out any text, e.g. a poem, in your own natural voice and intonation. Then inhale some helium and read out the same text again as natural. Disregarding the laughing fit you and others will have, everything remains the same. The text and the meaning of the words will not change, only the pitch of your voice.

I posted this as you can see but it ended up way up the date order, not sure why although I had just viewed the lesson so that might be the reason.

Oh Yes.

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When you put the capo on next time, try to double check the tuning. Since the capo exerts pressure on the strings, a tiny adjustment may be necessary.

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Stuartw: From what I understand there are 2 ways to use the capo. I mostly use it to suit my higher range vocals when playing male songs. Chords remain the same just a higher pitch.

The other way is if you can’t play certain chords you could use the capo to rekey them.

Here’s an example from Justin’s Bad Moon Rising beginner version. He places the capo at the 5th fret so beginners can play the song with A E D. However, the original is from the first fret playing , D A G



Michael, that happened because I moved a lengthy thread of posts discussing this topic in an AVOYP Topic from there to here. When I did that the thread I moved just gets appended to the end of the Topic it was moved to, without any resequencing of the entire Topic to get posts back in chronological order.

Thanks David @DavidP

I thought there would be logical explanation even if I don’t understand it, ha ha

Michael :+1:

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You know what @SandyMusic I have learnt over the last couple of days that it doesn’t matter what you play or what key it is on or where the capo is placed as long as you are happy with it. In my case no one apart from me is going to hear it so alls good :slight_smile:

The way it is going at the moment I’ll probably end up playing mostly with a capo as my arthritis is now becoming more of a problem. Higher up the neck is easier to play.


All is good Stuart. Well, you could eventually sing if you practice.

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Thanks for that. Must of missed that as part of Grade 1!! Mind you I’ve never heard the song either so all is new from here. It’s a bit quick at 180bps.

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