Chasing Cars Loop Cover

Heres yet another one guys! :slight_smile: Couple mistakes but not to bad i dont think! Enjoy! IF you guys have any question please feel free to ask me! Chasing Cars Loop Cover - YouTube


Great cover Byron! You’re pumping out some great stuff with that looper man. Giving me some good ideas too. Keep em coming mate. :+1:

Cheers Shane

Thanks Shane!!! Cant wait to hear some of your stuff your really good! This song was probably the hardest song ive done with the looper so far. Getting the timing right with this one is tricky. I had to count it in my mind lol. Cheers!

Excellent stuff Byron. You’re making me what to have a go with my own looper, that has been sat in it’s box since I bought it last year. :smiley:

You should!!! They are so fun! :smiley: Thanks!