Chocolate Jesus - Chord Progression (Consolidation song 4/5)

Hi All,

Finishing up my consolidation here’s the chord progression for chocolate jesus, at least some of it. I really think this would have turned out better with some sort of backing track. I’m only playing the chord progression for the first ~1 minute of the song and there is like 5 Am chords in a row at some point. I think I’ll revisit this if I find a good backing track to play it with. Any feedback is appreciated.


That sounded good, Alexis. It’ll be a good song to revisit as you develop your rhythm play, to give it a shuffle feel, once you learn that.

I just commented on What’s Up and noticed the way you ended this recording, which worked well.

In terms of recording over backing, there are options. It depends on how you are making your recordings. Share that and we can make appropriate suggestions.

Consolidating nicely, Alexis. Sounded pretty clean to me. As far as a backing track goes I’m sure that could give you an insight into how it sits within a typical musical context. Is that what you want?

Another goodie Alexis. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Nicely done Alexis. The consolidation is coming along very well.