Chord Changes and learning material

Hi folks,
Started with the app a bit of a while ago. Then decided to give it a miss awhile and keep just working on the songs. I am doing this quite well so I am now going back to the app.

A couple of questions for the brains trust please:

  1. Chord changes in the practice. IE D to A changes per minute. Is this a group lot. IE Every beat I change from D to A - So as this is two notes is this two changes. I do over 40 D/A every session. OR is that 80.?
  2. Iam overwhelmed with the learning material. I bought the app and then found it was all on Youtube for free. There is so many items I am totally overwhelmed/confused. and don’t know what I am supposed to be doing.
  3. When doing the finger tabs…is there a written down version please? I am not young, and I like to look at where the fingering is supposed to go, and I can’t keep up. If I have the tabs written down I am a champion. OR a legend in my own lifetime.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can possibly answer these questions.



Hi Sharon,

Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

I’ve always used the website for the Beginner Course and other lessons as well, partly because that was the first thing I found, and also because I’m not very keen on using mobile apps exclusively.

You will find that over on the website (Beginner Guitar Course | the lessons have an ample amount of written explanation as well which often provide more detail + chord boxes, scale diagrams, tabs, etc. So it’s a complete package in that sense.

One of the best things about Justin’s course IMO is that it’s very well structured (as opposed to finding the videos on YouTube at random). As a rule of thumb, you will want to spend more and more time on each lesson as you progress. Of course, you can also revisit certain topics that you fell you need to work on or understand better.

When I used to do the one-minute changes, I counted each change as one. So if you play a chord every second, you can make 60 changes per minute.

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Hi Sharon.
The App is a supplemental, icing on the cake and it was designed as a tool to help students develop the (essential imho) skill of playing songs along with a ‘band’.
The capabilities of App technology have allowed Justin to get the developers to include vast amounts of learning material and lessons in addition to the karaoke backing tracks. You could almost think of those as being bundled in as a free-of-charge bonus feature.
The beginner course and structured learning path is where you will find everything (apart from the play-along backing that the App hosts).
Start there for all content in full.


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Hi Richard,

Thank you for that information. I certainly am using Justin’s app. Ive been playing with our Acoustic group each week. I can only play about a dozen or so chords, well. And some more that are um not sounding too flash. I thought I would start again and re-familiarise myself with the lessons. That is when I got overwhelmed with the lessons on app and the youtube. I shall stick to the app me thinks.


Hi Jozsef

Thank you for reaching out, I so appreciate the help from the community. Experience from the users so to speak.

I had been going a bit like a retired rocket lol. Sort of too fast, so I wanted to go back and revisit the lessons and see if I had missed anything in my rocket adventures. I am playing in our acoustic groups and there are lots of songs I play in those groups.

I got a bit lost when I went back into the app, and then the Youtube.

So I will go back to the App only. Leave Justin’s Youtube for another time.

Re the chord changes, that is what i was thinking too. So that is that problem sorted as well.

Thank you again


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