Coloured dots on frets?

Silvia, thank you very very much for your words of wisdom; tuning via an app is a great idea (I was thinking of a clip-on tuner) to emphasise that music comes from silence. Another aspect I must strive to implant is a sense of rhythm, so I guess singing the song to just claps first will help before playing the piece on the ukulele.

Teaching little 5yr olds must be really hard, but I guess the rewards are tremendous. Fingers crossed… :hushed:

June? Mid May I should think!

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Yikes! So many dots. :scream:
Maybe start with one dot colour, then when confident replace it with another dot colour.

Personally, I’m not a fan of colored dots on the fretboard. I think you’re better off learning the fretboard without the dots. Just my opinion, though.

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