Comment/ Discussion Text Boxes Not Expandable


I just wrote a comment in the Discussion area for one of the Beginner lessons. I noticed that the Comments box is not expandable (most websites have a “pull down/expand” in the bottom right of text boxes to expand them so you can see more of what you are typing).
All I can see is the one line that I am typing which makes it difficult to proofread my comment while I am typing. I checked a few other lessons/discussions/comments and I have the same problem.

So, I am not sure if it is my browser or a website issue with the Comments text boxes.

Btw, this Forums Topic text box seems to auto-expand as I type, unlike the Comments text boxes in the lessons on the website as I mentioned.

Thanks for any feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, Andrew.

All I can suggest is to click on ‘VIEW FULL CONVERSATION’ link which will open the Discussion Topic on the Community platform in a new browser tab. You will then have the full post editor to use rather than what you get when hitting the ‘LEAVE A COMMENT’ button.

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Also in the preview panel to the right, if you click the diagonal arrow icon in the top right corner, it will expand both text and preview panel.

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Ah, ok. The Full Conversation helps.

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