Community Guidelines missing in action?

Hello anybody and everybody :grin: Could some one please let me know how long does it take for an Avatar Change, Username Change and a User Card Background to come into effect? Its like they are not syncing? Could someone also point me in the direction of the Community Guidelines every link I have found takes me to a 404 Error page.
Many Thanks

Hi Cody,

Here’s a link to Community Guidelines, which is hopefully what you are looking for/expecting: Community Etiquette and Rules

Many people report it taking a while to sync, nothing specific in terms of exactly how long. Some also found clearing cache/browser history triggered a sync.

Let us know tomorrow if still not applied and we can dig deeper into it.

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shorter than the time it takes to master the F chord :laughing:


Sigh… for a minute, I thought the gloves were off and we were being given carte blanche to go bananas :rofl:


Thanks @DavidP Just wanted to make sure I was in order, but I have to ask under the “Positive Attitude” Section what is a “Flame War” ? It does sound kinda cool :sweat_smile:

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@LesPaulMoreRay That is a bridge I have yet to cross, its dead easy on the ukulele, Another challenge to Conquer !






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That was a cool reply sir !

I thought you already had carte blanche to go bananas @brianlarsen Brian!?!?

At least I thought you had… Hey! Wanna have a “Flame War”???

Never mind… the adults in the room won’t let us…. :cry:

Silly mods making us be good… :innocent:


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That was an Awesome Clip @brianlarsen :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks Keith that’s a cool animation, but I figure if I ask the community its gonna spark a conversation like it has and I get to meet new people :+1: :+1:

That’s more of a FaceBook thing these days !!

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Hello @DavidP The profile Picture and username changed but I still don’t see any changes in the User Card Background, also how do we achieve the Read Guidelines Badge if the Link to it doesn’t work?

I had a look now, Cody, and the USer Card Background seems to be working now. Though the way the image is faded as a background is such that it is hard to make it out.

@LievenDV Lieven, can you assist on this query. I checked back and see that I earned the badge and that the link on the badge no longer links to a page. Don’t think there is anything I can do with Mod rights.

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Thanks for the help @DavidP :+1:

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I think they are updating the pages. The link to terms of services now links to Richard’s community guidelines page. And the FAQ links takes you to the main website FAQ and the community section on that page appears to ve a work in progress. And the guidelines link doesn’t appear to be assigned to anything now. I think the link for terms of service is what the community guidelines link used to be.


Thank you @Socio :+1:

We used to have some issues with some items in the navigation in the past.
Issues we couldn’t solve ourselves and needed some dev (Kris) intervention.

About the “read the guidelines” badge
You can understand, this is not a top prio as it does not impact core functionalities, quality of life or information architecture. I presume it has to do with the fact that we redirect the guidelines to a community post rather than using the intended page (which we were struggling with)

Custom badges can be granted manually by admins, it at appears that this “system related” one can’t be granted manually…otherwise I would :smiley:

I’ll try to take a look at this nav items again later on


@LievenDV Mate not a problem :+1: I am not even going to try and understand all those 0’s and 1’s that happen in the background, Just thought Id ask :grin: Thankyou for your reply. :smile:

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