Complete cover of a song with video

Thanks Brian, and if you see James Skelly out walking the dog, give him two big thumbs up from me. Let me know if he asks for your autograph!
Always a pleasure to hear from you Brian.

Hi Neil ! First, I want to thank you for you so nice and generous answer. Very instructive to me. Thank you so very much. I’m a beginner with the guitar, with the music and the video edition… So your cues help me a lot.

I already found the Wondershare Filmora page you’re talking about ([Oficial] Wondershare Filmora -Meilleur Logiciel de Montage Vidéo ). I have to explore all those new infos. But I will certainly get into it. I’m using actually the basic free iMovie program. I do the best I can with it but can not do « picture-in-picture ». I do instead « picture-after-picture » :wink: the best I can, passing from an instrument to another. I’ll explore and give you some news if you don’t mind.

The second point is that I don’t find « The Band Guy » YouTube channel. May I ask you to send me the web adress of this channel if you don’t mind. I’m a real disaster as a studio technician, I don’t even touch the EQ section AT ALL. Just turn the bass, mid and treble button …. I’m pretty sure this band guy would be very helpfull to me :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your generous answer Neil.

Have a good day


Luc, it is my pleasure to be able to help - there’s so much to learn and the more that I can point in the right direction the better. You’re right with IMovie - that’s the same problem I ran into - you cannot have pictures popping up randomly in different places on the timeline and on the screen. Filmora does this really well and easily if you will be using it enough to justify the cost. Re the Band Guy, whose real name is Colin Cross, here’s one of his videos re “EQing”: (3) GarageBand Tutorial: What is EQ? | 5-Minute GarageBand Expert - YouTube. I always steered clear of this previously, but after listening to Colin I realized it’s not that difficult and the results are noticeable. I hope it helps.

Thank you so very much Neil :exclamation: I will explore all this new infos and eventually come back to you for feedback, sharing. Thanks a lot and bravo again for your last music vidéo. :pray:

Great to see you back Neil. That was pretty awesome. Sounded fantastic and well done on the production. Very impressive that you played everything on the track. Bravo!

Thanks SgtColon, appreciate your listening.

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Wow. Cool production. Everything is cool!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: Great performance. (By all of you :wink: ) Dang that is good! :+1: :muscle: :sunglasses: :pray:

Nice job @Fourtwo42 really great song and production. I really like the Coral they were the up and coming band for a while but never quite got the heady heights that people thought they would. Dreaming of You is probably their biggest hit I’d guess…lots of hammond style organ in that one.

Thanks Kim, really appreciate your kind feedback!

Thanks Rossco, yes The Coral never quite got the credit and following I think they deserve - great band who seem to be able to write catchy songs effortlessly.