Confused - I have a nylon strung acoustic and am thinking of buying an electric

Hi Ann,
Great to hear from you, and happy to know that you are able to play ADE chords.
You have hundred os songs under your fingers with this three chords already, although some of the song might not be in the comfortable pitch so sing with.
I will have to say, if/when your finger hurts bad, stop playing.
You will have many other aspects of music and guitar that you can get into and learn, and increase your musical/guitar knowledge, and even proficiency with the added understanding.
Hurt = stop playing.
Play again, for a little while, stop when the pain starts to bother.
Play again, rest, play again, rest.

I have been playing guitar for more than 50 years, and I like to pick up my nylon acoustic if I want to play longer, as the nylon acoustic tends to give me less pain. I have thick calluses on my fingertips, and they still hurt. To me, nylon acoustic guitars are less painful for my fingers.

Another point I want to make, is that, you do not have to press hard to make a guitar sound.
Press softer, as long as you can hear the correct note coming out, it is good.

The idea is to keep playing, and develop your fingertip calluses. Even with the calluses, the pain will still be there with more time playing.

For BBQ get togethers, acoustic nylon is best. I prefer the acoustic sound, and the less fumbles with power cords and equipment.

Stay with your acoustic, I think with the recent adjustments, and lighter strings, the focus on lighter finger press, the focus on hurt=stop, the focus on “hurt/stop, and play again often, with the goal of developing thicker callus”, and even making your guitar playing softer (equate to less press on the strings), you will be rewarded greatly.

Pls let me know if you have any questions.
Have fun, play often, hurt=stop, knowing that playing guitar will equate to fingertips pain “always” (depending on the amount of time playing the guitar).

Thank you Rene good advice I won’t give up playing it’s something I want to do I will try your method thank you again.