Copenhagen; The Sods (later Sort Sol)- Cover

@Kasper commented yesterday on @LBro and @oldhead49’s Werewolf in London track:

It’s always hard with these 3 chords songs, to keep it from becoming too repetitive…

Well, that reminded me of one of this Danish punk gem from 1979 (before your time Kasper? :wink:)
Teenage me thought this was the dog’s proverbials

Repetition- eat your heart out
3 chords, no variation, no dynamics, no chorus, no bridge.
(There was a solo instrumental which I left out)

The lyrics never made sense to me, although Wiki tells me that Galloping Goose and Filthy Few were biker gangs in Copenhagen, escalating violence in the run up to the Nordic Biker Wars.
The syncopated guitar and slightly unusual phrasing caused me some initial problems.

I’m slightly ashamed to have used the Hip-Hop setting on my Trio+ for the backing track.
Not very punk at all, eh?
Here’s a link to the original if anyone fancies a spot the difference competition :rofl:


Well there’s a redeeming feature for hip-hop … generating a suitable punk rhythm on your Trio. Add a suitably punk tone and it turned out pretty good, Brian.

But I think you may have been having too much fun with that wammy bar at the end :laughing:

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You watched to the end?!? :rofl:
(and please… it’s called a wiggle-stick according to Clint)

Ah yes, the Sods, that well known Danish punk band. Where on earth do you dig them up from Brian?

Maybe just 3 chords but they were barre chords so that counts as double!
The Trio backing worked really well on hip-hop. I think the Trio genre names are pretty meaningless and you just have to find the one that suits your song.
Although it was repetitive, because of the phrasing it didn’t really seem that way and your vocal suited the song. You de-punked the performance by smiling and not shouting. :grinning:
Do you have any fingernails left after all that strumming?

A thoroughly entertaining AVoYP as always Brian.

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Well Well Brian, :thinking:
It helps that I can honestly say that I like your version better than the original, that’s really BEEEEEP… :innocent:
And you are not really looking punk, not even at the end with your Jengel-Stengel (that’s what I call that thing) :blush:
I enjoyed watching,
Greetings :rooster: hair

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Whammy bar, wiggle stick, tremelo arm … all the same

And still too much fun :sweat_smile:


In the spirit of ‘we don’t judge’ I’ll be true to my words Brian. I can see and hear the teenage you in this one, what a blast it must be for him.

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Hey I watched until the end too and it was great! This hip hop vibe from your Trio really did it a favour, your inner Eminem would be proud :rofl:

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Great to watch Brian, really liked the vibe!

Also… That Harley Benton sounds pretty damn good.

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This musical thing that we all do is about having a good time, and you certainly had some fun with this one. Yeah, seeing you have a good time with songs that are completely obscure (at least to me) is one of my favorite things these days.

We listen to a lot of music here that we’ve heard many times before. The list is pretty long of shopworn covers (I’m as guilty as anyone). Always nice to have new musical influences and elements added to the forum’s musical mix. Well done!

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Don’t know why but this immediately made me think of Pretty Boy Floyd’s Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz album I used to listen to oh so many years ago.

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I thought that was pretty cool @brianlarsen, I’ve noticed you seem to do quirky videos with loads of talent.

Gotta ask though, punk without a pick? And you didn’t smash your guitar at the end?

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@sairfingers Cheers mate
I’m going to ‘type-cast’ myself if I’m not careful. I think this is where vow to go and finally learn the note-picking intro to Wish You Were Here to bring me back into the fold
I’m afraid I keep my fingernails chewed short, so it’s calluses on both hands :laughing:

Thanks for the compliment, but as a teenager ‘different’ is more important than ‘nice’
You have however, pushed all my linguistic pleasure-buttons with your Jengel-Stengel :rofl:

@batwoman Your Honour (or is that Ma’am/My Lady/My Worship?), I’m not sure you would have liked the juvenile version of me. I was an even more brash, insensitive version of the uncouth version you have acclimatised to.
You’d have given me hard time :wink:

@adi_mrok Good job it was punkishly short, eh? :laughing:
Ta for the vote of confidence, my friend.
Would the real Brian Larsen please stand up and give us a rap?
Not in this lifetime :wink:

@KevinKevan Muchas gracias!
I cannot believe I played the wrong guitar on this though.
My Scandinavian Hagström Viking would have been the obvious weapon of choice :smiley:

@CT Thanks man.
We’ve exchanged more views on the ‘meta’ of music than the technical playing of it, and I have enjoyed and benefitted much from your opinions.
Much appreciated :smiley:

Duh! Obviously, I’m a pretty boy :rofl:
(I’ll have to check them out. Thanks)

My inability to play with a pick is possibly the only chink in my otherwise flawless suit of guit-armour. Could I count that, along with omitting the obligatory axe-smashing, as my punky rebellious statement? :roll_eyes:


My wife is disappointed…but I still fear the day photos from my teenage years will appear “in full regalia”…that skull is originally an ashtray from that time…and in my ear and my neck was hanging a bit too…and my clothes well I’ll stop now…but I looked really very different from everyone at school and all my friends at the athletic club and in the neighborhood…I was really into my one…but strangely enough with a lot of friends :innocent:…I was sincerely a :angel:especially to older people in all weathers …with some strange features and crookedness.Apart from my clothes I haven’t changed a bit (and with wheels on it)…I listen to a lot of metal music…and happy for almost 25 years with the same girl…

Ha Ha, that’s what I was hoping :rofl:

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Hey Brian,
Welcome to the 3 chord club… It has been going around of late! It is amazing to me, just how many of these there are out there. Whoa… you hit massive whammy at the end. Now that is a variation mate!

I am afraid though, that at the end of the day this is a uh, a bit repetitive. With all your creativity I am sure you could find a way to spice it up a bit, but will you try? I will be waiting to hear if you go for it. Meanwhile, nice play and good tones! Good to see your smiling face and guitar singing once again!

All the rock’n best!

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Another slice of raw and simple enjoyment from Mr L.
This is a reason to learn guitar.
3-chord bashing on a blast from the past.

Your close up reveals (consciously?) a great study in the left-hand grip-release muting technique for barre chords played with overdrive Brian.

Did you know that Wilko Johnson’s famous Telecaster used to have a white scratchplate? He changed it to red to hide all the blood that poured from his fingers from his exuberant playing style. He always strummed with fingers, not a pick.

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Uh… That’s one of the points (I think)
Also a good reason to keep it to 2 1/2 minutes! :laughing:

You’re gonna love my next OM performance:
3 Chords, no bridge, no chorus, no dynamics but at least a full minute longer :rofl:
Thanks for the listen and comments, Bro.

Once again, you turn the spotlight on my laziness. I find that much easier than the palm muting. Not so useful though with all my cowboy chord tunes :laughing:
Oooh, that’s painful just to think about :grimacing:
I’m too much of an epicure to suffer for my art

You sound like a peachy vision of a hot rat en regalia :wink:

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That’s a “special” song from Zappa :upside_down_face: :joy:

I bet that’s what he tells all the ladies. :thinking: :grinning:

Great stuff again Brian but where do you find them?