Cortez The Killer [Easy] by Neil Young Lesson

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Thanks for this which is easy enough with 8 note strumming but why introduce 16 note strumming if this is set at Level 2? As far as I can see 16 note strumming doesn’t start until Level 4

@Stuartw Justin mostly offers a basic version with chords and strumming in his lessons. After teaching this basic version he shows some more advanced options, e.g of strumming patterns or embellishments, which you can use to develop a song. If he would present the more advanced techniques in a new video, there were maybe twice as much lessons needed. You can go as far as your current play grade allows and add the more advanced techniques as you progress. Or just give them a try…

Is Justin strumming open strings while changing chords using the 16th note strumming pattern? Particularly from E minor to D? I’m having a hard time keeping the rhythm and still changing to D in enough time, between the last 16th of the Em bar and the first 16th of the D bar.

Hi Elle @lolalacava78
Welcome here and i wish you a lot of fun , and YES Justin hit some open strings…
if you press the ‘settings icon’ on the you-tube video you can adjust the speed of a video and you can watch it better (when I found out a new world opened up :sweat_smile:)

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this isnt in either beginner book. actually, i cant see Neil’s songs in any of justins books. is that right? I knw Justin is a big fan and Neils songs are so good to learn so seems odd. a licensing problem?