Cosmic Dancer - T. Rex cover

Another recording from the 50-day challenge I completed this spring, Cosmic Dancer by T. Rex. It’s only been recently that I’ve started to practice singing and playing together, I find it really challenging having two rhythms going on simultaneously, but I’m getting better little by little. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.


Well played and sung, David. Sounds pretty good to me and beyond me to make any suggestions as to what you could be working on to continue to improve, already well beyond my play, sing, and perform level.

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Love it David :+1:

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Great job David, cant suggest any improvements on the playing singing parts. On the recording your voice sounded a bit distant compared to the guitar?

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Really good performance, well done!

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Thanks everyone. This a song which a few years ago at the beginner stage and without any real direction for learning I could only dream of playing; to be able to perform it now to at least a reasonable level is really satisfying. :grinning:

Thanks @skinnyt . I think this is the case of the guitar overpowering my voice, my Furch Yellow grand auditorium is really loud! Using separate mics for guitar and voice might also help though, as will more singing practice.

Another great cover David. Nothing I can suggest on the singing or the playing as both were top drawer.

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Hi David,

Great song from a great album.

Really strong cover.
For someone who has only recently started playing and singing together I thought you did a great job.


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