Covid strikes again!

Insert swear words here. Second time for me! Yay…:sneezing_face:

I guess there is a price to work in health care. That and colorado has no Covid restrictions or sense and apparently neither do I.

The biggest hassle is the missed work and rescheduling my poor patients.

So, as I start feeling better and am stuck at home doing a few virtual appoints and continuing medical education, I hope to play guitar. Right now feeling a bit under to play much or concentrate.

I have been spending time fixing cracks and refurbishing an old Alvarez Yiari CY140 classical. Haven’t screwed it up too badly yet!


Get well soon!

That CY140 looks nice, don’t rush it all will be good!
As regards the germ, man that’s rough - it would just about do me in to have it again! Hope it’s not too bad, get well soon buddy!

Thanks! I will be fine. More annoying than anything else.

I do look forward to trying the guitar. Bought it for a song, old dry, dirty and cracked (and that’s just me, the guitar wasn’t nearly that bad!). Cleaning up nicely, repairing easily, and shining up well. Just need to polish some mistakes…I mean repairs on the back and string it up.

Thats some valve amp for an acoustic guitar!

Keep well and get better, nice work on the repairs!

Oh boy, that sucks. It (covid) has not gone away has it?

Ha! That valve amp also need repairs! I have 2, both on the fritz. But I changed hobbies to guitar and haven’t gotten to them since.

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Hope it is not too bad and you recover quickly Josh. Bonus I suppose, is working on that beauty ! :sunglasses:

So sorry to hear you’ve been hit again Joshua. The reconstructive surgery on your guitar patient looks life enhancing.

Well wishes to you.

We are all going to get covid at least once. Omicron is making the rounds here, so those of us that were touched by it are covered until the next strain starts its rounds. That’s where we are, get with your doctor and discuss a treatment plan. I’m glad that I did.

Thanks! I hope my getting it twice saves someone else a bout.

This thread was originally about Covid, but I may as well make it about guitars. I feel better that way!

There is the beat up old CY 140 all polished and string up for the first time in decades. String aren’t settled yet. Next to its newer and fancier partner.

Baby got back!

The stable.


That left guitar is something special!

Yes! It is in a class of its own. But the CY 140 will be nice enough and now I have a cheap beater to take where I don’t want to risk special.

I hope you’re feeling better soon Josh and talking guitar I’m sure will help you on your way.

Wish you well, Joshua. Well done on the restoration and the stable looks mighty fine.

Get better soon Joshua, although outcome is not so bad if you are able to spend some more time on your hobby :smile: interested to see how your project develops!

All the best Joshua,…turn bad into usefull, building and restoring guitars…well done

Beautiful triplets you have there! And really nice restoration work. Hope you are feeling better already. But don’t go back too soon! RN myself but retired and have worried about all my peers during this epidemic. Take care!!

Excellent work!
Get better soon!