D minor hints/tips

I think there may be some wording issues in this segment. Use the 4th finger on the thinnest string? Shouldn’t it read " The index finger should be on the thinnest string"?


The Dm can be a bit tricky for many of you, but practice will help you out. :slight_smile: Take a look at the D Minor diagram:

  1. I recommend you use the 4th finger to play the thinnest string! It’s ok to use the 3rd things, but you should make your pinky stronger, and that’s an excellent opportunity to do so. It also brings chord change benefits. :slight_smile:
  2. Don’t play the thickest two strings at all. It just sounds wrong!
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Hi Jonathan,
I think the ‘thinnest string’ should be changed to the next thinnest or 2nd or B string, … I’ll call in the auxiliary troops, often @Richard_close2u called for this ,he has the power to change it :smile:

Hello @Headspace1965 and welcome to the community.
Thank you for spotting and reporting the errors, I am trying to locate the exact lesson and will edit / correct.

Found it: https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/the-8-essential-beginner-chord-grips-b1-701

And fixed.