Decking the strat

Glad it solved an issue for you and made the guitar more playable… although I have to say it always makes me sad when people disregards the trem system :wink: I always have mine floating a little bit (less than in that pic) and it’s an integral part of my playing style. Not for crazy special effects dive bombs of “Steve Vai pull-ups”… but for gently shaking a chord or single note with the trem bar. I’ve talked before about the difference between finger vibrato (asymmetrical / sharpening only) or trem bar vibrato (symetrical, can go both up and down in pitch “around” a target note) so won’t repeat that again. But it’s useful, and I would advice investigating the technique for anyone who is into expressive lead playing.


Hi Mike
Glad you’re sorted. I never bother with the back plate, it stays off.
On the action, I should say that the truss rod is to change neck relief not playing action. You can normally adjust action on a strat using the grub screws on the saddles.