Developing repertoire

We have one German member whose life and work has got busy so he doesn’t visit so often now. I am sure that he played cover songs at open mic events.
@max_mue Can you help?

I did a bit of googling and it looks like a GEMA Licenses is the same as most countries have. In the UK it’s a license from the PRS that allows you to play Live or Recorded music. Most venues in the UK which host Open Mics (generally pubs/clubs etc) would have one of these as they’ll play recorded or live music on a regular basis. I’ve never known any venue in the UK say you can’t play covers (and I’m sure not all will have a license). I get the impression in some countries some venues who don’t have regular live/recorded music choose not to have a license hence no covers.

In the US/Canada I think it’s a similar thing.

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Sure! :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on the region / the place where the OMs take place.

The OMs I attended allowed covers - I guess they either didn’t care or they are paying some sort of “flat rate” as they are regular pubs / music clubs with the occasional OM night.

Just keep looking - or be part of the JG Open Mic as Brian suggested :slight_smile:

Edit: ah - I see Rossco already figured it out ^^


Thanks @max_mue

How is the teaching going?
And the singing / playing?

My goals will be:

  1. Open Mic Set (2-4 songs; my own songs only; I already have a set, but I can work on the arrangement & technique)
  2. Street Music Set (30 min; mix of own songs and cover songs)
    and optional:
  3. Party Set (5-10 songs; easy cover songs I love; for every time someone wants me to play something)

Good advice as always, although if the visualisation advice does not work for you don’t despair, you may simply be in the one third of the population that have aphantasia and don’t have a mind’s eye. Justin is obviously in the two thirds of the population where visualisation is a thing.

Hi there community.
So with a 10 song repertoire approx how long would it take to learn all 10 and not need song sheets?

How good is your memory?

Also depends on what kind of songs you want to learn.

With age my memory not as good as it was.
10 songs I’ve chose are-

  • Wonderwall-oasis-capo 2nd fret
  • Stand by me Ben e king- capo 2nd fret
  • Wish you were here-pink floyd
  • Hey jude-Beatles- capo 3rd fret
  • Blowing in the wind-Dylan-capo 5th fret
  • Shotgun-George ezra- capo 1st fret
  • Bad moon rising-CCR
  • House of the rising sun- animals- fingerstyle
  • Wonderful tonight-Eric Clapton-capo 1st fret
  • Stealers wheels- stuck in the middle with you
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Hey Craig,
Unfortunately you’ve asked the “How long is a piece of string question” how long is a piece of string - Wiktionary

In addition to what Stuart and Jozsef have brought up, there would also be the questions of at what level do you want to play these songs - simple or as in the original. The higher you aspirations the longer it will take (how’s that for stating the obvious :slight_smile: )

Of the songs in your list that I am familiar with, some of them can be very straight forward to commit to memory (stand by me was very easy for me). So based on that I would guess that a campfire quality could be done in months, not weeks but not years either.

One thing you can be certain of is that if you start today then when you ask the question tomorrow the answer will be 1 fewer days remaining.


Thanks all :+1:

Hello… I’m currently learning from Justin’s course. His schedule has me here, playing with my neighbor who plays drums. I have turned down all previous offers to play, but felt required to start. What great fun!! We have 3 songs we are working on with the goal is a 5 songs that I can play with confidence. Thank you Justin.


What if you don’t have a repertoire or have learnt any songs at this point?

I know bits of lots of songs but couldn’t play one all the way through. Can’t really see the point to be honest as my singing is bad so don’t.

I have a different problem, in that I keep adding to songs I want to add to my existing repertoire. Currently have 7 that I am learning to play and sing and another 8 that I want add. I hasten to add not all will be from memory some will be with the assistance of a chord sheet.
I have told myself I am not allowed to add another one without taking one off the list, not sure how successful that will be.

Don’t know if you saw this, but the approach is really working for me - it’s a systematic way of adding and perfecting songs to your repertoire.

I’m trying to build up to being able to play the solos on the songs I’d like to learn all the way through. My big 3 are Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Tool. I can start with the easier solos, but it looks like I am still not in the point of the lessons where we would have learned the techniques for these bands solos yet.

Appreciate these tips and motivators to establish a good repertoire. Beyond grateful for all that I’ve learned since starting this course back in January. One thing I keep waiting for, however, is a lesson on tips for singing while playing. I’ve been waiting to bring this up for some time now, thinking that it might be just around the corner, but since I haven’t come across it yet, this repertoire lesson seemed to be the time to do so.

OK, so I JUST did a search (could’ve sworn I did one before) and there is a lesson, but it’s not until module TWENTY in grade 3. So, I guess my question is, at this point in grade 2, are we expected to be able to play AND sing these songs that we’re adding to our repertoire?

Now, I will say is that I have gotten better at this with either some simple all down strums or with the “old faithful” strumming pattern, but it really takes a lot of concentration. Also, the recent lesson on looking without playing actually helped tremendously. I had never even thought about not looking and was surprised how my fingers knew where they were just from being in those positions so many times. And, without having to look, it’s one less thing to think about when playing.

Anyway, I do think I’ll go ahead and check out that lesson in module 20 for some pointers. Certainly can’t hurt!

Jared, its not an expectation nor a requirement but if you can do it, go for it. But pay close attention to Justin’s lesson. The key is having the playing on auto pilot so you do not think about the guitar part and can focus on the vocals. That is why its likely the lesson does not appear until Grade 3, as you should have a strong foundation and solid rhythm by that stage.

Some find it easier than others, it literally took me decades until it finally clicked. So don’t expect overnight success, just be patient and it will come.

Hope that helps.



Thanks Toby, that is helpful! It’s definitely a heck of a lot more fun to actually sing at the same time. So, for now, I’ll simply just stick to some simple strumming patterns. I’ve got the (correct) Wonderwall strumming pattern down to where it’s automatic, but it’s still too way complicated for me to sing too, so I’ll use it as something to aspire to on down the road.

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