Developing repertoire

Develop your song repertoire by setting goals & learn my best tips for memorizing guitar songs!

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always inspirational Justin thank you

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So, are there open Mics where you can play cover songs? This might be a german thing… but every open mic I found is restricted to GEMA free / your own songs.

Es ist eine Deutsche Sache :wink:
The community does run its own ‘virtual’ open mics on Zoom about every two months though, if you ever feel like joining in, either as a performer or just to watch :smiley:
Here’s a link to the next one

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Hi Tabita,
And then there is also this … Video of you playing… feels for many also like an open mic, … or a step towards it,
Greetings ,Rogier

This is amazing. Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:


Thank you. That’s a great idea.

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We have one German member whose life and work has got busy so he doesn’t visit so often now. I am sure that he played cover songs at open mic events.
@max_mue Can you help?

I did a bit of googling and it looks like a GEMA Licenses is the same as most countries have. In the UK it’s a license from the PRS that allows you to play Live or Recorded music. Most venues in the UK which host Open Mics (generally pubs/clubs etc) would have one of these as they’ll play recorded or live music on a regular basis. I’ve never known any venue in the UK say you can’t play covers (and I’m sure not all will have a license). I get the impression in some countries some venues who don’t have regular live/recorded music choose not to have a license hence no covers.

In the US/Canada I think it’s a similar thing.

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Sure! :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on the region / the place where the OMs take place.

The OMs I attended allowed covers - I guess they either didn’t care or they are paying some sort of “flat rate” as they are regular pubs / music clubs with the occasional OM night.

Just keep looking - or be part of the JG Open Mic as Brian suggested :slight_smile:

Edit: ah - I see Rossco already figured it out ^^


Thanks @max_mue

How is the teaching going?
And the singing / playing?

My goals will be:

  1. Open Mic Set (2-4 songs; my own songs only; I already have a set, but I can work on the arrangement & technique)
  2. Street Music Set (30 min; mix of own songs and cover songs)
    and optional:
  3. Party Set (5-10 songs; easy cover songs I love; for every time someone wants me to play something)

Good advice as always, although if the visualisation advice does not work for you don’t despair, you may simply be in the one third of the population that have aphantasia and don’t have a mind’s eye. Justin is obviously in the two thirds of the population where visualisation is a thing.