Dialogue to review forum policy/management

Category 1 - ignore.
Category 2 - ignore.
Category 3 - ignore and report.

That’s my view, but I fully support what Ivan says, it is annoying but also almost impossible to discourage to.

I wouldn’t limit it to youtube though - soundcloud, dropbox, google drive and I think making it more tricky to link those popular platforms until certain Trust level is gained would be a big win and possible discouragement to spammers. I don’t think it would help with Cat 1, but again - ignore and carry on :slight_smile:

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My main con argument would be:

Hiding the AVOYP will create an odd user experience.
At a certain point, we will promote the AVOYP section but a new user will not find it (invisible if you have no access). If you need to cram in the extra comm about the user levels there, zero fun.
I don’t liek to limit the freedom of the many because of the assholery of the one.

The selfpromoting one posters issue is, IMHO, made bigger than it is.
W give everybody the chance and when we notice he/she doest post stuff, we flag it, report it, ignore it, address the issue to the user itself etc…

There is a reason there are human moderators on a Community like this; create an open environment for all but be capable of handling specific scenarios.



Guess we’re all learning a bit more about how this place hangs together, each day.
My suggestion was just to inhibit the ability to create new topics/posts in AOVYP, I did not realise that would lead to a total lock out and zero visibility ! That was not the intention and I agree that would be a poor user experience , if not an odd one.

So suggestion withdrawn.

Let’s manage the Drive By peeps by moderation, polite suggestions to join in elsewhere (as has been done and ignored by most) or just blank them and deny them the attention they seek, which goes against my nature. But they are the ones of the fishing expedition and some days you just don’t get a bite.

But still good to talk about these things and air opinions, in this closed environment.

Next ? :sunglasses:

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I’ve been too fast;
there is nuance,
I can make them SEE and REPLY but inhibit CREATE, so I think that could work?

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Would this be relevant only to AVOYP or to the whole site? How long until someone is able to Create a topic? I think would be fab to do in AVOYP, but for the rest of the forum I see two sides of a sword.

One you would limit amount of same questions from newbies that probably have been asked in the past or have a dedicated thread (Dreaded F chord - how to play it for instance) which is a good thing as you keep the Community tidy. On the other hand this might discourage some people who are lazy (and let’s be honest we are talking about majority here in general) and if they are not able to post a quick question they will just leave and won’t be bothered.

Ah Lieven, you have shone the light into the tunnel!

Adi - my thoughts was just for AOVYP. Normal punters take months before they have the courage to post there, bless them. Think it took me a couple of years! So this would be just to stop the drive bys.

To be honest I’m fine with either, not my bus to steer, I am just a happy passenger.


at TL 0 you can alreay post and it takes you about 3 topics and 10 replies to reach TL1.
If they have the intention to give it a shot, They’ll stick along long enough.

we’ll see, parameters are easily changed.
putting AVOYP on “creation” startion from TL1 seems legit to me.


Looks like this hasn’t been implemented yet :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to do that after Jan 15 2022.
Otherwise, forum regulars coming here must wait until they get to TL1 before they are able to migrate their conent.