DigiTech Element XP (NOW TAKEN)

This category is a really nice idea!

I have a DigiTech Element XP that has 37 different pedals, 12 amps, and 9 speaker cabinets combined plus an expression pedal, guitar tuner, and dedicated headphone jack. I bought it years ago when i was getting started and it is sort of handy to get an idea about what all the pedals and effects can do. Of course once you settle on this, you will want to start buying dedicated pedals and building your personal pedal board.

I am in Australia so happy to post it to anyone in Oz who might need it to get started. It is quite a complicated beast, so takes a bit of learning (you can download the manual from the DigiTech site). But it comes with lots of presets if you just want to experiment. You will need the standard 9V adapter.


Hey Alan! Nice gear you have there.
Would you mind to post it to Singapore =3

Overseas postage is a bit of a pain (and a lot more expensive).

Very generous of you, there are plenty of Aussies around here, so someone will take it.

Welcome, @Telemann !

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Hey, I’m in australia and happy to send you the postage via pay pal. It’s very generous of you. :slight_smile:

OK - send me a DM with your address. I gave up on Paypal years ago, but I don’t think postage will be that much.