Dion Dimucci Dancing Girl from his latest LP Stomping Ground

I have everything Dion has produced for the past 10 years or more. IMO he just keeps getting better. I want to try to record a number of his songs, some from yesteryear and some new, I was also playing around with Donn Donna The Prima-Donna. Almost hard to believe these two songs are from the same Dion. One in 2021 and one in about 1961. This is Dancing Girl from 2021. Probably not many have heard this song. I am greatly challenged by it at my stage where it has a few barre chords and is has a bit of a complicated melody (for me anyway), therefore a real challenge for the vocally challenged.

I have the album. It’s okay, but just okay. I don’t agree that he’s gotten better as he got older. I listened to it once through the day I got it and haven’t felt the urge to listen to it again.

We are all entitled to our opinion.
However Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton , Samantha Fish, Paul Simon and many many more who collaborated with Dion on his last two albums disagree with you. :grinning:

I understand those guys getting a kick out of playing with a rock pioneer from their youth. I was a fan of Dion and the Belmonts when I was a kid.

Nicely done Mike. Some good playing there.

Not heard the song before and I’ve not even heard of the artist either. :flushed:

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Thanks for the feedback Stefan.

It’s the same Dion from Dion and the Belmonts of decades ago.
The Wanderer
Run Around Sue

later - Abraham Martin and John

most recently (past 10 years or so) - Blues albums

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Thanks Mike, I know those two songs. :+1:

deleted track - reading between the lines :wink: