DIscussion not working

I wanted to make a comment on one of the new Grade 3 lessons, so I went to the lesson page, selected “Create Topic”, and all that happened was a little erro box saying “There was a problem adding a topic.”
This may explain why there are no comments on these lessons???

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@Richard_close2u I just checked @gpwomack problem in random grade 3 lessons
and none of them will allow comments. Can you look into this? Thanks

@gpwomack @stitch
This is a known issue and has been raised as an issue for the web dev team to fix.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Has there been any progress on this? It’s still happening.

Graham, the developers are working on this at the moment. Given it is a defect that requires resolving there is no committed date for release of the fix but hopefully it will be soon.

Hi there! When I try to leave some feedback on the new released lessons I get this message : “A conversation hasn’t been started yet.” And if I click on the Create New Topic button some error occurs. Is anyone else having this problem? Technology is not actually my best friend and maybe I’m missing something. Thanks in advance for any help.


Thanks for the feedback, Silvia. This is a known problem which the technical team are currently working on. We are hoping a fix will be deployed soon but can’t provide a promised date, due to the nature of resolving such issues.

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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@DavidP @Richard_close2u @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team

Looks like the team has the Discussion working on the new Taylor Swift Blank Spaces lesson uploaded today. Good Job. :grinning: Is there a time line for getting all the Grade 3 lessons and songs uploaded since Discussion quit working fixed?

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The most recent update we were given was no date but soon, hopefully in the next couple of months, but not until the bugs have all been truly fettled.

"Create Topic ist not working for at least following songs:

‘Love On The Weekend’
‘Come Together’

Message at the bottom popup banner is: There was a problem adding this topic

Look like the man behind the Curtain has figured out the bugs. :grinning: I noticed some of the song put out a couple of months ago are starting to pop up on the forum. So I checked the Discussion on these song and they are working now. :beers: Thanks to the people working behind the curtain for getting this bug fixed.