Don't Look Back In Anger If I Murdered This Song

Hey all,

So as part of Grade 2 Consolidation I’ve been learning a couple of songs to consolidate the Stuck 3&4 Chords. So here’s Don’t Look Back In Anger as Wonderwall felt a bit cliche.

As always feedback is appreciated as it helps in the development process. Thanks.


I see Oasis, I click.

Great one James, I hadn’t seen DLBIA played with a capo with those chords shapes, sounds quite nice.

You got a consistent rhythm, nice strumming with some picking as well.

And on top of that singing, felt like you were getting more relaxed as you went on, great job.

Now to talk about other things, I liked your little tittle, great intro, and is that an Epiphone hummingbird? I was very close to getting when I was looking for a “decent” acoustic but decided to get the Jumbo in the end, glad I did but I had a good feeling playing it, sounds and looks amazing.


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Hey Kevin thanks for the listen and feedback mate. It’s much appreciated.

it’s the way Noel plays it mostly these days on the acoustic. Most of the Oasis songs he plays recently with a capo using stuck 3&4 chords when on the acoustic.

That’s a good observation as I noticed that too in the OCS cover I posted last week. It seems to take me a verse to settle down and become relaxed.

Yes, your spot on it’s an Epiphone Hummingbird.

Great job James. I love Oasis and enjoyed your version. You grew in confidence as the song progressed. Super stuff!

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Thanks for the listen and feedback Eddie. It means a lot mate. Yes, I’m slowly building up my confidence. I suppose the more I put myself out there the more my confidence will grow and my playing & singing improve.

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Don’t look back in anger is my favorite oasis song! You did an amazing job covering it James, really awesome cover. Singing was great as well as the playing. Liking all the new consolidation vids!

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Thanks for the listen and feedback Alexis, it’s much appreciated mate. Glad I didn’t murder your favourite Oasis song. Yes, I figured it was time to start posting some of the stuff I’ve been learning to consolidate to make sure I’m on the right path.

Absolutely mate the more you do it the easier it gets as your voice is an instrument too.

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Nice guitar i thought about getting one of those at one time sounds great! Nice cover man!

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Super smooth James! Well done, great choice of song! :clap: :star_struck:

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Great job James you are in a roll lately and this was another cracking cover, really enjoyed it as I also really love that song! Superb overall!

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Way to go James, that was well done. The strums sounded crisp and I liked the picked notes at the start. I’m impressed that you’re able to flip up to those high notes, if I tried to go that far above my baseline it would be a strained creaky mess.

A very pleasant listening experience :+1:

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:fire: :fire: :fire:
Another AVOYP! Nice one James, you definitely didn’t murder that song, although you did absolute kill it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great one.

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Great Job James, really nice and consistent throughout.

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VERY nice work James. Such smooth, efficient chord changes.

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Hi James, a good performance. Nice smooth chord changes. A good job with a very well know song.

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Good guitar work James, steady and smooth.
I like the transposition of the chords to different shapes with the capo. I was going to give you much love and hugs and big kudos for such a neat trick … but then read down the comments and see that it may not have been your work. Ah well. Still, it works a treat taking those key of C chords and shifting them all along and around. Albeit you’re in the key of B with the capo at fret 4. Maybe Noel’s voice can’t hit the high notes now if that is the place he capos. Dare I suggest you try experimenting with the capo up / down a little? You seem unsure whether to sing in the higher or lower register in sections and maybe one fret difference would help you settle your voice in to one or other.


That was a great way to consolidate James and you get to live another day :wink: Very nicely played and sung. Very smooth and I liked the picking of the individual strings at the beginning.

Like others have said, you could see your confidence growing as the song went on.

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Super stuff James. Those stuck chord were working a treat there. Note picks and a good steady strum pattern too. Well done.
I agree with @Richard_close2u about the capo position. A bit higher or lower would enable your vocal to sound more comfortable. But a really good version nonetheless.

What’s next in your consolidation repertoire?

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@Bytron08 Hey Byron, thanks for the listen and feedback mate. That means a lot coming from someone who consistently delivers nice covers :smiley:

@nzmetal Hi Jeff, thanks for the listen and feedback mate. I figured it is time that I done an Oasis since they were one of my favourite bands growing up.

@adi_mrok Glad you enjoyed that one Adrian. Thanks for the listen and feedback, its much appreciated mate. Long may that rock n roll continue.

@direvus Hi Brendan thanks for taking the time to listen and provide feedback. It’s much appreciated. The picked notes were fun to work out and add to the song.

@jkahn Hey JK, well you did say you were hoping to see something new on the AVoYP front in my learning log. So didn’t want to disappoint you mate. Thanks for taking the time to listen and provide feedback. Your comment put a smile on my face :smiley:

@philsmith Hi Phil, thanks for taking the time to listen and provide feedback. It means a lot mate and I’m glad you enjoyed.

@batwoman Hey Maggie, thanks for the listen and feedback. I’m glad those chord changes came across smooth as one of those chords was a real pain and took lot’s of finger stretching practice to get it manageable.

@Richard_close2u Hey Richard thanks for the taking the time to listen and provide feedback. Damn I shouldn’t have let it slip about Noel using a capo and those chord shapes. I think you are right about Noel’s voice. Even with Wonderwall he now plays it with the Capo on the 3rd fret instead of the 2nd fret. Experimenting with a capo is something that I will certainly be doing. I’m still a bit unsure about my singing, though, I’ve started working my way through the Discover Your Voice course. Hopefully, everything will start to come together. One thing that I did learn from this song was with practice and perseverance you can achieve those stretchy chords that you think there is no way I can fret that chord. That Cmadd9 was a real stretch with the 3rd and 4th finger stuck down. Justin’s finger stretching exercise really helped nail that chord.

@sairfingers Hey Gordon, thanks for the listen and feedback mate, it’s much appreciated. Yes, experimenting with the Capo is something that I’m going to explore as I discover my voice. Whats next on the consolidation repertoire? I’ve been working on ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’, ‘Writing to Reach You’, ‘Sweet Home Chicago’, ‘No Woman No Cry’ and ‘Wonderful Tonight’. I’ve also been working on Justin’s blues lead bonus song. Justin provides the backing tracks on the CD along with two tracks of him playing it. One he plays slowly over a 12 bar blues riff and the other at a higher tempo over a professional backing track. I’ve more or less there with both tempos, though, Justin doesn’t seem to leave a lot of space in them but I have learned them as a set piece as he plays them just to get the technique and feel for the rhythm down.