Dreaded F chord

try to play the F Bar chord higher on the neck ( closer to the body on the 7th fret, it will be easier, then climb up as you progress. at least you don’t get the frustration of missing it it everytime :-))
Note may not be a F bar but it should sound nice.
Electric guitar is easier too

Good advise. I agree but still having trouble as I move back up to F chord. Some days are better than others. Will not give up until I master it. Champagne toast when I do. Maybe I should do that before practice to stay loose. LOL.[

This is a perfect time to learn what chords you are playing. 7th fret is a B 5th fret is an A 3rd fret is a G and you know where the F chord is. The root note (the note the chords are named from) is on the E string.
It’s actually moving down to the F chord when you move towards the headstock the frequency gets lower this is why it’s moving down the neck.


Thanks. Will definitely do that.