Drift Away by Dobie Gray

Thank you. I really appreciate the feedback.

Hi Stefan,
Glad you enjoyed and sung along with it :smile:.

Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement.


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Cracking post Ron. Really enjoyed listening to it. Your voice suited the song perfectly!

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Thank you Spencer. :smiley:

I appreciate the encouraging feedback.
Thank you Eddie.

Hey RonG! Man that was awesome! Good job and thanks! Looking forward to more!

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This is clearly not your first rodeo @RonG :smiley:
Very enjoyable!

Smooth playing on that wonderful guitar. Great rhythm and flow

@ all the rest; check out how decorating your A and D chords with Sus2/sus4 hammer-ons and pull offs instantly enriches your plain guitar parts

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Thank you Byron.

Thank you. No it us not my first video to the group.
I have recently uploaded a few.
All thanks to Justin getting me back to playing in my senior years.

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