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I’ve just finished grade 1 of your beginner course and loving it.

I was wondering is there’s a recommended course order? I want to get in to your music theory (and other skills courses) but I’m not really sure if that’s something I should leave until later, do it concurrently while progressing through the beginner material or even do it all before progressing through the levels courses.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi Ryan and welcome to the Community.

For recommended course order, just work your way methodically and diligently through the Grades.
When you get through the intermediate modules and start thinking about different genres, take a look at say the Blues, Folk , Funk courses, what ever floats your boat, plenty to choose from.

In respect to theory, no harm in starting now and taking your time. Justin’s Practical Music Theory is just that, a hands on way of learning theory, first few modules are free, then its a subscription production but huge value for money.




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Hi @Rkr87 welcome!

I started Justin’s music theory course when I was about 4 months along and still in grade 1. Now just at a year along.

I think it is great to start music theory at any time, there is no “too early”. I have definitely come to a few places where I need to get a bit further in the guitar course to understand or play the exercises in the theory course, and the opposite. They track reasonably well and support each other.

I have currently just finished grade 2 and am enjoying a lot of consolidation, which I feel I need (being slow and rhythmically challenged🤦🏼‍♂️) and am about done with Music theory module 4.1 (triads) and I feel like the course just meander along well together at my pace.

The theory course is well worth the donation. (Of course all of Justin’s courses are worth a donation).

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Thanks for the input, I decided in the end I’m going to at least finish all 3 of the beginner grades before diverging into any of the supplementary courses. I learn better when I focus on one thing at a time and I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too much at once.

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