Edit your own post

Stupid question…

Does your own post go to the «top of the list» every time i edit some text?
If so. Im sorry.
Probably edited typing error 3-400 times in some of my posts.

I don’t think they move up the list. It just shows that you edited your post.

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Wouldn’t worry about it. I resemble your comments on editing.

No it doesn’t, at least I haven’t noticed

I usually just add a pointless comment to bump it back to the top :rofl:


Explains why you got so ahead of me in Top Users of the Community rank :rofl:

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Hehehe… i might have glitched. But i thought i saw a post that was on top that were just edited. Gave me a bit of panic :rofl:

I have tons of edits in my learning log.

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Real forum hacks right here! :joy::joy::joy:.