Encouragement Goes around ,comes around

To whom? Want to share this out.At 70 with many doubts as to wtf am I doing.This am all of a sudden i was strumming Heart of Gold when it started to Sound Familiar. For a brief moment I detached and I watched as If someone else was playing it,it sounded :+1:." How did I get here" is the cool part,it is a question best left alone… when in doubt ; 1 continued to put in quality time at least 15 minutes 5 days a week 2 Take some time off 3.When confused as to where the road is, stuck with basic practice routines as laid out.Sometimes I retreated to previous lessons and 4… Explore…It’s about Trust…


Something to do with water tables as far as I recall…



That’s crazy awesome! Great stuff.

This will be the first of many magic moments Miguel, where you find yourself living your dreams. Stick to the road you travel with Justin, enjoy the exploration and know there will be many more moments filled with magic and the joyous satisfaction of achievement.

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May many similar moments of joy follow !

You got it…

Nice surprise…" Trust the process" Gracias

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Celebrate and enjoy the moment, Miguel.

Your 4 points are right on the money, sure to lead to many more magical moments.

Hi Miguel, we’re the same age and yeah I can relate to what you said. I’ve been on here for 6 years now (mostly on the old community) and have achieved way beyond my wildest dreams; you can teach old dogs new tricks, albeit a bit slower but we have more time and patience to invest in the results. Keep going and enjoy it and have fun!


Hard to predict where it takes you at this age isn’t it? No opening act or groupies but it’s no less gratifying in a more personal way.Its like getting a glimpse of what Quantum Energy means. Lol…ps not taking self too seriously helps

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