End of Grade 1 progress video - please offer constructive advice

Hey man that’s some mighty fine progress! Great idea to lump everything in one video as well. I’m a bit late and you’ve gotten some great advice already so only praise and encouragement from me :slight_smile:

Sorry Richard going to have disagree with you here and go with team @J.W.C. It’s mostly personal preference and the only famous one I can think of right away who anchors is non other than Mr. Tommy Emanuel CGP.

Anchoring is fine I guess if you’re playing basic fingerpicking, bluesy stuff, or using a thumbpick. You’ll very rarely see any modern fingerstyle players anchor with their pinky though.

@adi_mrok that’s one handsome hand there Adrian :joy:

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That’s me and a million bedroom players I guess.

I know that you like and are very inspired by modern fingerstyle and I confess that it is not something on my radar of listening / watching so I wouldn’t know the preferred approach. I defer to you on that one.

Same as the classical style that @J.W.C mentions - I don’t play it and don’t take note of their physical approach re: their picking hand.

Right, but my point was regardless of style there’s not really any set rule regarding anchoring. Do it if you like, don’t if you don’t. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, point taken - I gave my advice as rather a strong ‘should’ do which was maybe too personal a preference to push like that.

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That’s why I saved it on my phone :laughing:


This is a great vid! I’m in the same consolidation period between grades 1 & 2 as well and I see in your vid things that I also need to keep working on such as getting chord changes a little quicker when I’m playing songs (especially ones that have C and G in them) and I need to stop looking at my fretting hand as much as I do. I’m inspired to record my own progress video in the next couple of weeks, well done mate!


Never know when it may come in handy. :joy:

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You are doing pretty amazing since you only started in November, way better than I did. Well I’m practicing fingerstyle now for the first time and I can’t use an anchor either…it just feels too awkward for me and then I can’t pluck the chords.


No advice I am going to give and I am only relearning myself and behind you , but a good set of songs and I enjoyed listening to your playing!

Hi Ryan

Well that was a pretty impressive consolidation montage and I think you have made a really good start. I hope you can take in all the advice that’s been given so far. I really cannot add anything to what’s been said. But keep on doing what you are doing and you will make good progress.



Considering you’ve only just finished grade 1 you’re showing a lot of skill already! I was particularly impressed with your fingerstyle. Keep up the good work :+1: