Endureth's Learning Log - including Youtube Playlists!

Hi, using LBro’s post as a guide and practice for learning the new forum code, I’ve created this little starter post for myself on these new forums to carry over some history. I feel like double-posting this in Road Cases as my first offense on the new forums but I want to get in trouble for something really good first!

First off, I’m John (hi John). Justin’s site has been a part of my learning journey since I learned my first scale. I’ve done collabs, been banned, made friends, made enemies but more importantly learned a ton. I’m very appreciative of this site’s very existence.

Complete Lists of Originals/Covers
First off is an offering of all songs I’ve been a part of on/off these forums. From my very first bass/vocal offering about my cat, ‘Mr Retro’, through my time working with Digger, up to recent collabs it’s a complete list of everything up until this point.

My Youtube Bass Covers Channel
There are only 40 or so songs so far and not all what you would expect. There are two Dolly Pardon songs and a few Mama Mia tunes! This is a collection of covers I’ve done for one reason or another. I’ve put doing more on hold until I get a better space to record in visually, but new stuff is on the horizon.

Kyllswitch Live!
My band Kyllswitch! This is from our latest show at the Hawg’s Pen in New Hampshire. We’re hoping to get back out rocking in 2022 and beyond. We’ve played bike week in Laconia and are working our way to Daytona next, then on to Sturgis bringing real old school metal with us. Hope to see some of you there.



Now that’s shattered the image of the hard core, hard rock, biker gig specialist we know and love. I can’t recall these being aired at the old house but I think my auto filter would have dealt with them anyway. :sunglasses:

I’m sure something suitable could be arranged for you John :rofl:

PS the new word for Road Cases is Learning Log, so there’s one more strike against your name :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:

BTW it’s Community not Forum. You’re on thin ice John :flushed: :pleading_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi John,
I took in Mister Retro,
Like it and the vibe of the bass. The lyrics were cool too. The cat seems to rule the block in this one!

Keep rock’n,

John, I hesitate to ask “banned”?

Took in some of the originals. I really enjoyed Mr Retro, what a cool groove and some of the rockers. Choir of Angels is beautiful, unless my memory is playing tricks, I recall that one being shared in the Forum.

Look forward to following the progress of Kyllswitch on the road to Sturgis.

John, I hesitate to ask “banned”?

Yeah, for retaliation against a troll, but the troll had more tenure.

Oh well, It’s all bygone now.

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If its the one I am thinking of (BD), many buttons were pushed during that episode. Hopefully the TLs here will keep them out in future. :sunglasses:

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Thanks John.

Nuff said, “bygones” as you said.