F barre chord moving it towards to bridge

Hi … I.ve managed to get the f barre chord …5 months work. However, I.m really struggling when my index finger has to move beyond the 7th fret if you get what I mean? My pinky and ring cant fit in the narrower fret spaces anymore. Is this normal? It.s the only barre chord I.ve done to date. Not sure if they ll be a powerchord moment later like when you can play the same chords easier elsewhere when you use the 5 and /or 6th strings.( Powerchords) Sorry if this makes zilch sense.

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Hey Mark, that’s great, congrats :wink:

Of course, as the frets get closer to each other, it’s more difficult to squeeze the fingers in. You may try to switch to barre chords with a 5th string root note (“A shape”) if the 6th string root version is uncomfortable to play.

A Shape Major Barre Chord Grip

A Shape Dom7 & Min7 Chords (the minor grip is also explained here)

A Shape Major To Minor

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Hi Mark, your problem is not unusual, and you have obviously understood how it works which is great. You may never need to use a full E shape barre chord higher than you have got to once you get other shapes learned, but yes you probably will have to squeeze those 2 fingers in for powerchords.

It’s easier said than done, but you will with perseverence. Nobodys fingers are too fat, too thin, too short or too long to be able to play. It takes time, relaxation and adjustment but it will come together.

Just by being able to play a full F barre you have overcome a major hurdle so be very proud of yourself and keep going dude

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Great news, thanks fellas …glad they.ll be something upcoming to sort this issue out. Cheers!